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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies. I will heed your advice and save my money...
  2. I have a Toshiba laptop. Its a Satellite P100/P105 with a Fujitsu 100gig hard drive with 8 meg of cache running at 5400 rpm. I was thinking of replacing the drive with a Western Digital, Black Edition 120 gig drive that has 32 meg of cache and runs at 7200 rpm. My nephew says I will see no difference. Is he right? Thanks for any reply's.
  3. AVG---the best free AV nod32--the best AV if you want to pay. end of story.
  4. Don't know how to fix this so I thought I would ask here. While talking on Skype to friends , I try to burn a dvd with Nero 8 and it closes Skype out every time while I am hosting a call. I have a dual core CPU (E8400) and 4 gig of mushkin memory with only 24 processes running at any given time. I thought the dual core would let me multitask. Anyone else have this problem? Skype is a voip in case someone never heard of it. update...installed imgburn and it does the same thing, so Skype might be the problem.
  5. Merry Christmas to all OCCers. Remember its a holiday so be careful out there on the roads. Watch where you are going at all times.
  6. Not only did the prices double but ALL the manufactures must call each other on the phone and say" lets charge this much". No matter which brand you look at all the 2x2gig sticks are priced the same....about $100. Hope they choke on that "C" note.
  7. Read my sig ballist1x. I love my DFI board. It will more then likely out live me. Never had any issues with it. Give me a DFI over any board out there today. My next build will sport a DFI for sure. Stable ..stable.... stable. That's all I ask and DFI gives it to me.
  8. Fear and crazy, thanks for that link on this very topic. I feel like a fool for not searching first. My apologies to the mods for starting a new thread. If this can be merged into the other thread I would be less embarrassed....
  9. Thanks guys. So the nightmare is true. I'm going back to sleep now. Wake me when things get back to normal.
  10. Did I fall asleep and wake up in a nightmare? I have not looked at memory prices for about a month. I went to the Egg today and was in shock at what I saw. Just a short time ago 4 gig of good memory was close to $50. Now it looks like the prices have doubled. Please tell me I'm wrong, or still sleeping. What caused the increase, another fire?
  11. (1) Modern Warfare 2 (2) Modern Warfare 2 (3) Modern Warfare 2 (4) Modern Warfare 2 (5) Modern Warfare 2 All the other games are for children under the age of 50............
  12. Don't let that stand bother you to much. With the money you save you will have enough left to buy this. After all it does have a VESA 100 mounting location on the back.
  13. I just found another one that seems pretty good so far. It is like Chrome only the spy ware has been removed. It is called SRWare Iron. Have been using for a few days and it is real fast. It will take a little time to customize it the way I want but its looking good so far. The link is here
  14. How could you not love the new soft and cuddly Firefox?
  15. Same here Phil. I cannot find a way to set my homepage. I do not like sidebars and I can't find a way to disable it. I do not like big icons in the navigation toolbar and there is no easy way to reduce them in size. Speed? My FF is just as fast. I will mess with it for a few days then uninstall it.
  16. I concur with Andrewr05....very interesting..downloading it now.
  17. I use Firefox because she is better looking..
  18. I have to agree with Phil. Why in God's name do you have real player installed anyway? VLC player will play anything. Never install Real Player or Quicktime or for that matter Windoze Media Player. They all have spy ware built into them. VLC is all you will ever need.
  19. Problem solved. I talked him into Windows 7, and downloaded it on the 19th, one day shy of the finial download day. Deleted the partition that had Vista on it and installed 7. Best thing I ever did. I like it so much I will be installing it on my laptop too. I did have one question though. The laptop had a 1.2 gig partition with some Toshiba backup stuff on it. I was not sure what to do with it so I left it. I want to thank all you guys that gave me feedback on my post......
  20. Thanks very much guys for the friendly reply's. I will do all the things ya want me to try. I have to fight my way through Vista. Right now I am stumbling my way around. Never used this OS before.
  21. Thank you for the reply Fight Game. Problem is there is no floppy drive in this lap top.
  22. Yes ClayMeow I went to the Toshiba site first and downloaded all the drivers I will need for XP when I get it in. I know Windows 7 is better, I am using it, but the friend wants XP. Waco, right now with Vista his boot up time is 2 minutes, that is one reason he wants XP. Another reason is Vista acts like his mother. Every time he want to do something with the computer, Vista says are you sure you want to do this, do you have permission, did you look both ways before you crossed the street, and of course the curse of Vista..."incompatible".
  23. I would love to get some help here with installing XP Pro on a friends Toshiba laptop that has Vista home premium. I set boot order to first boot CD/DVD and load up the XP disc. It takes a few minutes to load some files and says it cannot find hard drive? It is a sata hard drive but the XP install disc does not see it..I hope this is posted in the right section because he does want to downgrade from Vista to XP...and so would I if I had Vista installed... laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A205 S5812 chip set intel GL960Express
  24. OK, sounds fair. Just try the rear sound jacks and see if the noise is still present..
  25. As most of the others say, on board sound today is great. I wanted something a little better, so I added a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio pci card to my PC and the sound went from great to awesome..I can't believe it went down to $60. I paid $140 for mine when it came out. Can you try the headsets on another computer to make sure the noise is not coming from them?...I hate to see you spend money on a sound card and have it not fix your problem. I had a friend with a similar problem on his headset and it turned out to be the wiring on the front plugs of his case running across a fan which induced noise into his headset. Did you try your rear mother board audio jacks yet? p.s...here is what I use for sound: http://us.creative.com/products/product.as...770&listby=
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