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  1. I am running a MSI K8N Neo2 platinum Nforce3 MB with 1 gig of Patriot XBLK 2 x 512 dual channel memory. The CPU is a Athlon 64 FX-55. The memory timings are by default 2 2 2 5. Right now it is running in 2T. Should it be 1 T ? What is the difference and how would I change it if I had to? Thank you for any advise...
  2. I just read and old article from OverclockersClub by Matt Cameran from 2002. It was called Windows XP Services Optimize Guide. After going through the guide and disableing about 15 services that I did not need, it made my computer almost 50% faster. I cannot believe how fast programs and even my email open now. I have tried many tweaks before but this one has really worked for me. A thanks to Matt for doing this article and a thatks to OverclockersClub for hosting it....
  3. I use Everest Home Edition. It is a free download. If you want to spend $39 you can get the Ultimate Edition which will do a little more..... http://www.lavalys.hu/products.php?lang=en
  4. jammin , I have a question for you. You say that LCD monitors have a set refresh rate. I have a Samsung 915N lcd monitor. When i go to display properties. settings, advanced,monitor, I see refresh rates in the pulldown from 60-85. If the refresh rate is set why do I have these choices? And what should I have it set to? Thanks for any advice on this...
  5. Thank you all for feedback. I will do a lot more reading about water cooling before I do anything. I am going to read about the swiftech system right now and will go to the other sites you people mentioned also....thanks for your help. When i think my mind is made up, I will check back here and let you all know... edit From what I have read so far looks like Danger Den is the best there is.. Had more time to look and the SwiftTech H20-120 rev. 3a is looking good to me.
  6. I was thinking of going with a setup like this. All the work is done and all I have to buy is the water block for the cpu. The price will still be under $400. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835127007 Any pros or cons to the koolance setup?
  7. I went with the 6800GT. I do not care about benchmarks, only game performance. The brand I chose was the Leadtek because of the large copper heatsink it has. It seems to run cooler than the other brands with stock cooling....
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