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    Intel C2D E6750 . TR U-120 Extreme . eVGA 680i TR . eVGA 8800 GTX . Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8000 2x 1GB . 2x WD Raptor X . Vista Ultimate
  1. I was wondering what kind of performance this would put out if it was short stroked? as well as in raid?
  2. Gaijinchuugoku

    Pd's Qmicra 2 Build Log H20

    Nice and clean SSF. I love it. I plan to eventually do a WC in a SSF.
  3. Gaijinchuugoku

    Xfx Geforce 8800gs Xxx 680mhz For Sale

    This card will match the 8800GT performance when you overclock it to 700/1000/1800 core/mem/shader. The 8800GS is also limited by the driver to 680 on the core, but some people have reported to have cards that are not limited.
  4. Gaijinchuugoku

    Best Sub-$300 Cpu For A New Gaming Rig

    The e8500 will serve you fine. As far as the mobo goes, why get a ddr3 enabled mobo if you arent getting any ddr3? I would probably skip the 8800 gtx at this point unless you're getting a good deal. Otherwise, just get a g92 8800 gts and OC that.
  5. Gaijinchuugoku

    Check Out Occ's Bgears B-envi Case Review

    It's really just a rebadged Ultra Micro Fly with a different front face. Everything else is exactly the same and the Ultra Micro Fly can be had for as low as $40 off amazon.com. Though I will admit that the front face on the B-envi makes for a nice looking clean case, it's simply not worth the extra that you would pay over a Ultra Micro Fly. But I will also note that the case layout is nice, and has tons of potential for a very clean mATX. One of the best coolers you're gonna fit in there is a TR Ultima-90.
  6. Gaijinchuugoku


    lol, so play FFA (free for all). That's what I do most of the time.
  7. Gaijinchuugoku

    Air pressure case mod.

    Interesting. So basically have more exhaust fans than intake fans?
  8. Gaijinchuugoku

    VIN # woes and the dangers of buying used cars.

    Mind checking my car too?
  9. Gaijinchuugoku

    Official Post Your Ride Thread

    A 1999 Impreza L 2.2L coupe. Getting a STi swap into it next year.
  10. Gaijinchuugoku

    The Official Happy B-day Thread

    happy birthday, d3bruts1d. I got the one you sent me back in 2004 about a month ago, haha.
  11. Gaijinchuugoku

    Canadian province to seize modified cars

    It doesnt matter, as long as the law passes, cops can do whatever they dang well please. I visit quite a few car forums, and if a cop is in a bad mood, you can pretty much bet on getting every single possible violation tacked on. And yeah, one of the forums I visit has real cops that give some advice on tickets, and yeah, cops do try to pile on every single violation if you get caught at the wrong time.
  12. Gaijinchuugoku

    ATi Releases 2900 XTX Secretly?

    Awesome... awesome to the max.
  13. Gaijinchuugoku

    Thinking about getting suround sound headphones

    I havent tried it (Razer Barracuda HP-1), but it looks dang good, and gets some pretty good reviews. But if you want to take one for the team, go buy turtle beach's AK-R8 8.1 headphones. They retail for $150. Try it out and let us know
  14. Gaijinchuugoku

    DIY PC Audio Interconnect

    I did
  15. Gaijinchuugoku

    DIY PC Audio Interconnect

    Oh, no. My PC isnt even hooked up to the receiver. I'm not sure if I want my next build to be HTPC or not.