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  1. So about a week ago ( this did not happen beforehand ), I start noticing crazy lag spikes in games. I have fraps, and my FPS for those games runs about 40-60, and when the spikes come, Ill go down between 4-9 FPS for 10 secs - 2 minutes. This occurs every 1-10 minutes. I reinstalled my operating system, installed nothing but DirectX, sound drivers, graphic drivers, and not much more, installed the games, and lags were still there. I'm using windows 7 with DirectX11 and the latest graphic drivers. Google search seems to indicate that among people with these kinds of lag spikes, windows 7 is the common factor. Ideas? Thank you.
  2. I have a macro right now but its linear, I record a set of commands, but its not very versatile. Where can I find a macro that will allow me to make it press 1 every X amount of seconds, 2 every other X amount of seconds, etc. Thnx for help >.o
  3. Boot type 1: press power button. Nothing happens. Boot type 2: Press power button. Power light turns on. Fans turn on. Screen does not light. Fans turn off after about 4 seconds followed by no activity whatsoever. Power light remain on. Boot type 3: Press power button. Fans turn on. Screen does not light. Cap lock LED "9" is lit. LEDs "A' and arrow pointing down flash. Fans remain on, no other activity.
  4. Same thing u_______U flashing lights, no screen.
  5. Plz help I need this thing hardcore for tomorrow x___________x
  6. This laptop was working just fine. Im trying to power it on, and most of the time it wont, but if I mess with the battery a bit, it will turn on, the lock LED with a 9 in it is lit, and the LEDs with an "A" and an arrow pointing down are blinking, and the screen isnt turning on. Help? >___________<
  7. I rly like the tubing setup. You have cathodes in there?
  8. The problem is that gunpowder wasnt necessary for survival. A lot of people consider the technology they use absolutely crucial to their lives. Did anyone see the south park epuisode whereevrybody woke up and had no internet? do you know how realistic that is? people have become so dependent on technology.
  9. So how about it folks? Lets start it like this: technology! the past 5 years have seen more advancments than the last couple millions. What is this going to look like 5-10 years from now? can we handle that kind of change?
  10. Alright alright, so I got a bit of a"fight club" philosophy attitude, my apologies. You and I go way back, you know Im not a troublemaker , I just love hearing different points of view. Expend my mental horizons.
  11. Why close this? This is an intelligent discussion between me and the people willing to discuss this topic, Im not offending anyone, just wanna hear some feedback on philosophy of mine ^_______^
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