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  1. You've experienced air bubbles because you had no experience at the time... I hope that Azetek has their act together... if not just mount the damned thing with the hoses up!
  2. I've tried clicking the white boxes but haven't tried deleting from within the message... let me try it out... Thanks Dave... it works from within the message... never noticed that lol.
  3. Have "they" (the some that say) actually seen the bubbles or is this just speculation to ridicule and bash the H50? By the way... I have my tubes on top but could have mounted the rad so that they would be at the bottom.
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth... geez!
  5. The H50 is well worth the money... I have it running in an Antec 1200 with a push and pull configuration flowing out the back of the case by using the stock Antec fan and a powerful Delta 120 by 38... Needless to say I'm extremely satisfied!
  6. I can't select any messages to delete... must be a glitch or something... I'll try again and see what happens, give me a few minutes here... I'm practically in a wheelchair Bryan lol. Wow... stuff in there from 2004! Ok, I can't tag any of the messages so as to delete them... that's how it used to work in the past or am I losing my mind... on second thought don't answer that last part about losing my mind!
  7. Oh No!!! I'm in for it now LMAO! I'll try and keep a civil tongue lol. No... thank God the wife has other interests now.... but she may need a book full of lyrics dang! She sings in a band now... as long as it keeps her happy! The kids are groin up... the youngest turned 14 about 2 weeks ago and the oldest will be 25 mid April... I a;ways said that I was an old fart though lol! By the way if anyone is interested the Antec 1200 is full of dust and needs to be cleaned lol! Max... can you help me out? I was trying to send a pm to Dave and it just died on me... I don't know whether he got the message or not but the pm box really needs to be cleaned out... stuff in there from 2007 lol!
  8. I just noticed that Psywar is on line too... How have you been man? It certainly is a surprise to to see you guys!!!! I've got chills running down my spine lol! D3... how are you and the wife? hope that married life agrees with you...
  9. Max!!! How the hell are you? It sure is good too hear from you!!!! As for breaking the peace... who else is going to do it if I don't LMAO!
  10. I have maxed out my pm box and I'm unable to delete any sent or received messages... Dave... help me out here LOL!
  11. Happy holidays to all and best of health.
  12. I'm a smoker so I'll take the heat sink off every 3 to 4 months and basically give the thing a bath using an industrial cleaner that I get from work (pharmaceutical company) but regular dish washing liquid should do the trick as it in most cases it will cut through grease, oils or whatever. First I'll shower the the heat sink using the vegetable rinser (or whatever you call those things if you have one that is) with hot water in the kitchen sink. Then I'll let it soak in a mixture of hot water and cleaner for a while then rinse it well... does the job every time and comes out spanking clean. Hope this helps.
  13. My condolences to his family and friends...
  14. I'll be getting a few of these in a couple of days... one for me and one for a friend: http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=...anufacture=ASUS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833320031 I'll be setting up mine first then move onto setting up my friend's. I really hope this works as the price is extremely competitive here in Canada. Got mine at a local computer shop for $66.99CDN each.
  15. Oh my God... a voice from the past... it's the good Samaritan! How are you Max? Yeah it's been a while... things have slowed down a bit at work but will get back into high gear soon enough so I might disappear again just to reappear in different time zone.
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