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    Ummmm Hi.

    there's a program called shapeshifter you download this program and then download themes from sites like www.resexcellence.com and it automatically applies that theme to your menu bar, folder icons, different applications, etc. Some of them come with desktop backgrounds, some of them come with cursors, and other cool stuff. i actually downloaded a program called transparent dock today, and changed my adium theme so now my desktop looks like so:
  2. talz

    Ummmm Hi.

    that's what YOU think... try falling off a bike and getting hit with the petal where the sun don't shine... it makes no difference what gender you are ...ouch.
  3. talz

    Ummmm Hi.

  4. i have five holes in each ear (all different parts, rooks and upper cartilidge, etc.), with my lobes stretched to 0g ...doesn't hurt at all
  5. talz

    Ummmm Hi.

    hey i bet even you PC freaks can't resist this: screenshot: desk: beautiful. simple.
  6. talz

    Ummmm Hi.

    i never said i didn't like PC, i just have more use for a mac and i've been using them since i was 3. The downside is it's mostly external modding... i still have a pretty sweet setup Also, i assure you that i'm better looking than my brother... this place doesn't seem like the type that would have "picture threads" though...
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