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    abit av8 mobo
    athlon a64 3000+ 939 proc
    corsair pro series xms ddr ram
    evga gefoce 6800 agp GPU
    antec TP 360 PSU
    dual maxtor HDDs
    dvd & dvd/rw
    completly custom watercooler cooling the gpu and cpuu
  1. my reservoir is made from a section of 4"pvc with 2 pieces of 1/4" lexan bolted to each side with 6, 8-32 thread bolts used on drawer pulls. I drilled and tapped the pvc and threaded the bolts into it through piolet holes in the lexan. I used a bit of gasket maker to seal it off, this gives me a clear front and back to see the waterlevel. The fittings are also threaded into the lexan.
  2. a good water block is the danger den TDX that is what i am currently using the only drawback between it and the polarflo is that the TDX uses a different mounting plate for different socket procs but the polar flo doesnt work with AMD socket A.
  3. i had that zalman before i built my watercooler it dropped the temp about 5* on my 6800 but i never tried overclocking with it though im sure it could handle it.
  4. Id go with air personally if u only need to do small jobs(dremel) then a portable is fine, but if u want to use a larger grinder, sander, etc then youu'll have to go with a larger model we have a cabinet shop and a decent compressor so all my tools are air. You can also use a drill with some of the cutting wheels if you already have a drill. btw, an air dremel is called a "die grinder"
  5. on the copper vs alu fins. i have an aluminum radaitor with copper tubes on my watercooler it works perfectly. It has been my experiance that when u heat aluminum it takes less time to cool down in open air than when u heat copper. when i heat aluminum to bend it i can useually handle it in about 1-2 min but copper can take up to ten. u can see my cooler here: http://casemodgod.com/cmg/modules.php?name...page&pic_id=166
  6. definatly more function than form but a good idea may have to try it how much did all that duct work and whatnot cost u?
  7. I currently have 2 blue antec 120mm LED fans on my watercooler. They are very quiet at full power and nearly silent at half, plus they move a good deal of air. Thats the one id go with.
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