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  1. I agree with Penddragon I really don't think you could replace a DeskTop Gaming Rig with a laptop. What are you going to do after a month when it becomes obsolete. You can not upgrade laptops. I thought about this just recently when I saw the new AlienWare laptops. And if I am going to be replacing Desktops for my business. The only one I am going to trust is IBM. Because when the fires start I can not have my Laptop not working. My customer is not going to care why I can not get the job done. They are just going to fire me. They don't care that my laptop has a cool color. They just want the job / project done. One last tip. Don't ever buy a laptop with one of those stupid TouchPad Mice. They are the worst thing ever to put on a laptop. I know about a dozen programmers that have actually put like cardboard or paper over that touch pad to stop it from working. You would be amazed the number of times I have watched someone start swearing because there half finished Email was just sent, because there wrist hit the the TouchPad mouse the wrong way.
  2. Yea I meant only for real gamming not Office work to get an alienware. IBM has a new thinkpad out that runs for 7+ hours on a single battery. That is very nice when you get stuck in a airport and can not find a outlet.
  3. Over the years of travel I have dealt with every type of Notebook. I still say IBM Thinkpads are the best. They are made to take real punishment. IBM has excellent support and recovery for there notebooks. Trust me she is not going to be happy if the laptop goes down with a 25page paper on it. Unless toshiba has gotten allot better in the last few years they do not last long. There about the same as a DELL they sort of just fall apart after awhile.
  4. I would not buy one. If you wanted faster look at the alienware area51 Laptops. Much faster. If you want real reliability then you go IBM Thinkpad. They stand the punishments of Real life travel. I know I have used them for over 6 years. Never have my Thinkpad Ever gone bad. And I travel for a living.
  5. I think you can only set sector size when you Format the Drive.
  6. I think its a cool image, but I don't know if I would want it for say the entire side of my case. I like the Blue one the best though. "OverClocked" should be Sharper and Bigger.
  7. I am sorry I find that line really funny.
  8. I agree When your young is the time to date around. Have more than 1. Trust me almost all girls date more than 1 guy at a time. So what is wrong when men do it. Little advice when dating more than 1 person. Learn to call them all by some pet name (exp cutie) this way you can not accidentally call them by the wrong name. Or do what I did. I only dated girls named Jenny. I still think the most important part is have FUN. Don't take it to seriously. There is plenty of time in the future for that. 2nd important part is that if you don't want a date or can not get a date you still should go out and have FUN. Inu_Yasha I hope things keep going good for you.
  9. Wow Dude, I personally think your setting your self up for a big fall. You have put this girl on such a huge pedestal of perfection that NO ONE could live up to it. Your life will not begin or end by dating this girl. Just be calm and see what happens and stop going down this road of Perfect Love thing.
  10. The dagger is from WarCraftIII. Its the Undead Seal. You can get it HERE
  11. Yea all you can do is get a custom one. Unless you want a Keyboard wrap those are not. They dont sell any pre-made ones. I was told maybe in the future, but not now. You create the image and upload it to their server. They print it and send it to yea. Pretty easy. So what ever you think up is what you get. I am not a graphics artist at all. So I just sort of combined some pics together to get what I want. If your really good with graphic stuff you could come up with some really cool ideas.
  12. Yea the image is very detailed. I thought that it might not be, but it turned out to be very clear and sharp. The better and Bigger the image you use the better it will turn out. If you stick your head right next to my case you can see that is a wrap, but if your like a foot away you really can't tell. My buddies where over this last Friday for a LAN party(Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) and everyone thought I had my case airbrushed. Well until my one buddy looked really close and figured it out.
  13. For as we get older, it is not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do.
  14. Just wanted to say sorry to both Inu_Yasha and Psywar. That's tough place for both of you. I just wanted to add that know matter what both of you will be fine. Scars and broken hearts heal. They may leave scars, but it makes you stronger and wiser in the end. No matter what happens remember to LIVE your life. People are going to come IN and OUT of your life for a long long time. One last thing "life is what happens while your making plans".
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