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  1. Got my lian-li here.. best case I have ever owned. Well worth the extra cost.
  2. Up to you, there will always be something new. Fermi will be out in ~april or so, I would just go out and buy one now.
  3. Lol, that isn't price gouging that supply and demand. The same thing happened a while back with the 8800 ultra. There were almost no cards so the market price of the cards was through the roof.
  4. That is huge fanboy talk. Yes I know there is an ATI logo in my avatar, but i'm still unbiased towards which card I buy. That out of the way, can you please provide the relevent sources to back up what you are saying? Yes some nvidia cards have more transistors, and yes that makes them more expensive. What it does not do is make them "higher quality" like you are implying. If an ATI card can perform as well/slightly slower than an equivalent nvidia card with less transistors and a significantly lower price would you not call that efficiency rather then "lesser quality". The myth that nvidia make "better quality, longer lasting" products is typical from the uninformed or fanboys. Does anyone remember the failing nvidia graphics chips not too long ago? It also won't be long until someone starts talking up how bad drivers from company X are compared to company Y. In reality, lots of people have problems with drivers from both camps, and even more people have no issues from either company at all. View them as equal. As above, the question is not "who makes the best video card at the moment" because neither do. There is the "fastest" video card, but that is completely irrelivant for cards not in the same league Sorry to ramble on, but it crap me tears the amount of people making their decision to buy a certain card "because my mate who is an IT expert said company X is better".
  5. *sigh* It's ALWAYS like this though... I think the more relevant question would be "which video card is best for my budget". It is irrelevant who has the "fastest" card at the moment. Just worry about your price segment. Come back with a budget and then maybe you will get a proper answer.
  6. It did have a pretty big following, i think the stats were like 2 million downloads, over a billion player minutes, and 300,000 unique players. Which for a HL mod is pretty good... If you read some of the user commnets 99.99% are all "OMG OMG OMG" etc.
  7. Release: Fall (Spring for us) 2009! NS2 Promotional Website Pre-Order Standard pre-order: US$19.95 NS2 when it is released Access to the Beta Special Edition Pre-Order: US$39.95 NS2 when it is released First access to Alpha and Beta Black marine armour in-game What we Know To get an idea of what has changed in the game, check out the AusNS2 "What we Know" article It's coming!!! muhahahah!
  8. GlimmerMan


    Release date has been brought forward 1 week to June 19th for the EU!
  9. GlimmerMan


    Actually, OFP: Dragon Rising (aka OFP2) has been delayed until fall i think. So.. not till the end of the year unfortunately
  10. GlimmerMan


    Just to update you all, EU release date is June 26th, but I'm not sure about the US (you can download the EU version anyway, it's exactly the same). Yes there is a coop campaign!! A few recent water pics (massive improvement since arma 1): BTW, they said that a lot of the foilage in the lakes are not final and will be redone to look a bit more natural.
  11. GlimmerMan


    It's basically as close as possible to a civilian military simulator. The other version of this game (called VBS) costs about $1500 and is used to train various militaries throughout the world (U.S., Australia etc). If you like realistic military games and are a bit over the whole "run 'n' gun" type games then this is for you. It's the kind of game where a single mission can take many hours and you could play for half an hour without firing a single shot and then suddenly your hit out of no where and the mission ends. It's a lot slower paced than your averafe CoD4, CS:S.
  12. GlimmerMan


    Misc Screens These are not official screens nor are they on the highest settings, they were taken by a beta tester with a Q9450, GTX285, 4GB RAM and XP
  13. GlimmerMan


    Inhabited areas The biggest city and the administrative center of the Chernarussian Northern Province is Chernogorsk. What was originally a small fisherman's village quickly grew into a city thanks to the intensive industrialization of the Chernarussian Autonomic Republic, which began in the 50's of the previous century. Chernogorsk has always been a harbor town, once connected to northern trade routes, now a place through which the raw materials flow to Elektrozavodsk. By the decision of the Soviet Union's government, not only Chernogorsk, but also other fairly undeveloped cities of the Northern Province were supposed to change to the symbol of industrial advancement. The price for urbanization and industrialization was the environmental damage of the coastal areas. The local village population was rooted out and forced to live an urban life, or moved to the northern Kolkhozs. This fact reflects not only in the fast-engineered infrastructure and generic apartment block style housing developments, but also in the architectural spirit of socialistic realism. The dominants of the cities then aren't the historical centers, but industrial zones, lime-kiln and the buildings of long abandoned factories.
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