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  1. Ya I don't have ZoneAlarm. I tried doing what Dasterdly said to do and still nothing worked. I also did what vooduu_child said and that didn't do anything either. But yet i still have connections on 2 of my computers and not on the 3rd one. I dont' know if it has to do with the computer or the router.
  2. When i try to disable it, it freezes for a very long time without responding. And i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Nothing
  3. Ok i'm having a problem. I have 3 Computers hooked up to the internet on a router. They all worked until today. I was playing on my one computer that I just built and got running and all of a sudden my game froze, i restarted my computer and I had internet for like 1 min and then it doesn't want to connect anymore. I look at the status and it is saying that the address type is: Automatic Private Address. and is not being assigned by DHCP. But i'm able to connect my Notebook which is on wireless and this computer that i'm currently on through the wire. But when I try to hook up the other computer that I just built, it doesn't want to hook up to the internet and when I got into the admin page for my router, the computer doesn't show up on the DHCP screen. My router is a Dlink DI-524. I've tried resetting it back to factory settings but that doesn't seem to work. I have no clue what is going on nor how to fix it. I'm stumped. It was working fine and even when I tried reformatting the computer, it still comes up as nothing. Please help!!!!
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