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  1. Yeah .. I don't know why Intel make that stupid mounting system since 2005 and even before.. the stupid thing was invented to break..
  2. Fragsman

    Single player games

    Exodus is just GREAT. I play just a little bit so the game ends NEVER. Games such as Far Cry (the modern ones) are extremely fun the first 10 hours. Then they all get way too repetitive. I honestly prefer a "short" game instead a repetitive game. I'm playing RAGE 2 and is repetitive content all the time.. most of games today are just like that.. repeat repeat repeat.. it's SOOOO boring.
  3. I read Half Life and insta-clicked. I agree with the VR thing.. to me is expensive and I won't buy it for just a game.. is just not worth it today.. perhaps in 2030 there will be more games and the whole VR could be somoother. I'd be 45 by then :p Just make it damn playable without VR and that's it!
  4. I have the same processor. I also play at 1080p. The only difference is the card and 16gb ram maybe. I'm totally fine so... I will definitely change 2x4gb 2400mhz for 2x8gb 2400mhz. Mabe there is not so much difference in terms of $$$. As someone said the PSU could be better but is not a very demanding PC (in terms of power consumption). I don't know the brand Cougar but maybe a Cooler Master / Thermaltake 600-700w should be ok.
  5. Uhhh I haven't seen this before. Gladly I picked the correct choce (cuz I'm smart choosing ) .. I got the 1660ti but the Gigabyte Windforce one.
  6. Wow that's hell of an impressive analysis. I wonder if he runs a bot or something to do exactly the same movements in-game (such as a benchmar) since everything is really tight. I also tried to compare with my own experience 1080p @ultra AdvancedPhysix and Hairworks on FPS goes from 79-125 (I can for sure say 90+ solid FPS avg) but in the first part of the game. Haven't gone to Volga or any other location yet. The only thing I will disable is the Hairworks.. even tough I haven't found any performance hit enabling it.. I just won't stare at monsters since they come and I kinda freak out The rest of the map is very obversable while scavenging so better saving for the rest of the effects. I didn't get the RTX 2060. I got the 1660ti but is a solid nice option. Is not like I would be looking too much at the lights but in some scenees is very noticeable. Not the general lighting (which is arguable) but the shadows of the sticks of a tree (which are not present if not using RTX) -> I've seen that on a video on youtube which was analyzing RTX on vs OFF. Given the performance Hit is not a GO for me. Like 30-40fps loss for an effect? hell no.
  7. I know this is old but my new set up is like this. A very small 120gb ssd and 1Tb hdd for games. Works good. The hdd is like 8 year old+ if I don't access it sometimes it "shuts down" or enters in idle mode automatically. Even tough it's a Black, but it is not being used by the system at all sometimes.
  8. For backup I use a WD 1TB External Hard Drive. I manage myself what I want to backup and then for some folders with a lot of files such as Music I use "SyncToy" from Microsoft to keep data synced between HDD and External HDD Drive (Backup). And you can execute the sync process as often as you want. Yes my option is not automatic. probably you want a RAID so it's everything doubled instantly.
  9. Happy with my new PC :D

  10. Build Finished New Components i5 9400F @2.9 Stock with Turbo Runs @3.9 Kingston HyperX Fury 2x8gb 2400mhz ASUS TUF B360 PRO GAMING Gigabyte 1660ti Windforce OC 6gb SSD A400 M2 Kingston 120gb Phlipils 24" 243V5L Old componentes (I already had) Thermaltake v9 Black Case Thermaltake 750w Smart Series LG CD/DVD RW+ WD Black 1Tb Just tested Metro Exodus 1080p DX12 @Ultra with Hairworks & Advanced Physix on the interior tunnels 78-125fps. I could say 95 as average.. I just started the game but I would say I'm overkill for 1080p totally fine for gaming. I'm so happy!
  11. Wow that is .. expensive jajajajaja sure you have some nice bucks I think I'll meh on the RAM and I'll be just 100% fine with 2400mhz 2x8gb XPG Flame. I'll be really good yeah for 1080p gaming i5 9400F and 1660ti no probs
  12. Locally I've seen this model is the one they are selling. https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/HX424C15FB2_8.pdf That's a low binned 2400MHz CL15 kit. You would need to manually loosen timings and bump up the voltage to get 2666MHz stable, and would most likely wind up being around 1.35V and CL17. if you want to run at 2666MHz your better off buying a 2666MHz CL15 kit and run it in XMP,.. best option on your current budget. Oh ok NVM. The propaganda looks a bit misleading. it says it can be OC as it if were something easy without tampering with the voltajes. So yeah.. you can basically OC any memory (I guess)
  13. Locally I've seen this model is the one they are selling. https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/HX424C15FB2_8.pdf
  14. Oh Yes I meant the XMP. I've found the information on vendors. Looks like a copy paste but is in spanish. This is the original text. FURY DDR4 de HyperX
  15. I've readed you can simply buy 2400mhz Kingston Hyper X and OC through simple Profiles in Bios. You don't even adjust votajes and such. Is that true? if so I'd get those sticks.
  16. Yes I guess both will be fine and I think the decition will be with me until the last moment. Even tough I won't OC 966k runs at 3.7ghz and 9400F @2.9ghz so is 800 more Mhz. There is a BIG difference in Mhz, not so much in gaming performance. I'm really tempted with the 9400F is so much more cheapier. Price/performance way better. Regarding Price I've calculated and DEPENDING ON STORE 102-150 U$D difference. And Both stock there is no way that cost/performance improvement. That would be good if I OC, which I wont. Yes I have a 9 year old 1TB WD Black that I will still use for storing all Games and Extra Data. Main Programs and OS will be in the SSD (enough space for them). Perhaps I can install only 1 game and it will be League of Legends since is the game I play the most and I want it to load (Fast as Fuck) in case I disconnect or something bad happens.
  17. Q&A. I Q and you A a)If you have an i5 9600k which is @3.7ghz baseand 4.5ghz With turbo boost Why would you OC? Isn't processor going to do it automatically when it does need? Or is it that with OC you will run 100% of the times at the stablished Clock (and you can go even further) b) Could motherboard prevent Turbo Boost from working? I'm talking about medium class mobo. c) Would you even get a 9600k if you won't OC or it will be a waste? d) If you buy let's say Kingston Hyper Fury 2400mhz and your mobo support 2666Mhz sticks. Can you activate one of the profiles and take that memory to 2666Mhz? e) The difference between ATX and MicroATX is the number of PCI Slots and sometimes RAM Slots. Does ATX mobo are constructed with better materials also (Capacitors, etc)? Would you mind buyinga MicroAXT for a medium gaming build like mine? f) Which RAM would you choose? (ill get 16gb total) Take a loot at price difference ADATA XPG Flame Black 8gb (I have no reference about this product but is what they offer me) Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8gb 2400mhz Kingson HyperX Fury Black 8gb 2400mhz (I'd go with the Crucial but is not available on the store I will acquire the products..) TIPS: - 3200mhz RAM is not an option since is out of my budget being really expensive. - Ignore SSD if you want as i'm not so interested on it for the time being. I can get one later. - I think I will struggle with 9600k despite being more expensive since I want PC to last for as long as possible and 9600F use Thermal Paste. I think I would need to replace it from time to time.
  18. Ok thats good to know. But i will not OC. So there is no point getting 9600k. 8700 is 70% more expensive and not 70% more powerful. Im trying to get the bedt for tight budget. Ill spend 1000-1050 dollar. But here hardware is xpensive Also i was talling with the guy in the store. Jaja they can say 50 extra bucks is nothing but here is a lot. And i need to save for the monitor also
  19. Im in the computer shop right now. There many stores I would like to consult. I was offered i5 9400F. Much cheapier. Andngood option since I wont overclock.
  20. Yeah I want to run everything at stock. I've been gaming with my current PC since 2010 without OC. No problems, maybe the last games not ultra settings but nice. Also I can see a better performance of High Mhz Memory with OC Processors. But the gain is not comparable with the price of the RAM Sticks, at least In my country. Also a 3200mhz+ mobo will be in the gamer high end section and it can be really out of my budget. Tho I've seen a nice pair of Crucial but the latency is high.. I've studied that long time ago but high latency is worse.. so 3200mhz RAM with low latency is REALLY expensive. I prefer save on RAM and get GPU, I just want to Play Games. I want a Mid+ not Enthusiast High End. 1080p will be my max and I will buy the monitor for 1080p in the future. Out of money right now. I wil stick with 20" (yeah i know is crappy but is what i have =()
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