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  1. I dont remember who put that that cable on...my cousin and girlfriend where there helping me plug everything in. The computer never started with the cable backwards...so the video card never needed power. It's a nice safety feature the PS must have built in. Yes the 6pin plug is shaped differently on each end...but almost the same. 5 out of 6 pins are the same shape...only 1 pin is a box instead of a rounded box. They look so close....i wish the instructions told you to be careful about getting that one backwards....horrible instructions.
  2. I had the PSU tested and the test determined it was bad. I bought the exact same power supply at Bestbuy...the Antec NeoHE 550. I put it in the computer and it nothing happened again. So i unplugged power to everything except the motherboard and video card and it still didnt work. Then i unplugged the video card completely and the computer came on. I put the video card back in and nothing happened. The power supply i have is modular. I found out that i had the 6pin PCI-E power cable in backwards. The back of the PS also has 6pins...but it matters which way you turn it. So the computer came on and i was able to get into the BIOS. My OS is still being shipped to me so i'll get that installed in a few days. Thanks for the help and suggesting to get the PS tested.
  3. I'm gonna get the PSU tested somewhere. I'll post again when i have results.
  4. So i put together a whole brand new system tonight: DFI NF590 AMD X2 5600 Antec NeoPower 550W OCZ Platinum Rev 2 DDR2 800 2GB (2 x 1GB) and other stuff hooked on. I tried to start it and nothing happen...not even the stock northbridge fan came on. I have a stick of ram in DIMM slot 1 and 3 (the yellow ones). The DRAM light on the mother is a faint yellow. The Standby Power LED on the motherboard stays a yellow color and wont turn off. I have the CMOS jumper on Normal (not clear CMOS). I have the Safeboot jumper to Default (safeboot off). I tried the power switch built onto the motherboard and it wont turn on. This means: I have power to the motherboard and nothing is turning on. I've built 3 computers in the past from the ground up and they work fine. I've never seen a computer dead as a doornail. So my question is do i have bad hardware??? If so what hardware wont let the computer turn on? All hardware is brand new from newegg. I still have a few weeks to return if something is wrong. Thanks.
  5. UPDATE: I ordered new memory. I got OCZ Platinum PC-4000 2GB (2 x 1GB). Timings are 3-3-2-8. I was hoping it would fix the problem, but it hasnt. These stick use CE-6 Infineon IC's. After lots of random trial and error i got my system to boot into windows twice. Here are the only settings i changed in the optimized BIOS when it worked. Black = 1st time it booted into windows Red = 2nd time FSB - 201 LDT/FSB - 5 CPU/FSB Freq - 11 CPU Vid Control - 1.400V & 1.350 DRAM Freq - 1:1 CPC - Enable (for 1T) Tcl - 3 Trcd - 3 Tras - 8 Trp - 2 Max Async Latency - 6 & 5 Read Preamble Time - 5 & 6 After each time windows started i restarted the computer it would again say "detecting array" and wouldnt go back into windows. I'm VERY FRUSTRATED and need help. Does anyone else recommned other values to try in the BIOS. Why is this thing so hit and miss? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Are there 2 different 6-23 bios or is there only the factoy 6-23 bios? I really think that is my problem.
  7. Ok I flashed my BIOS to 6/23 using the correct CMOS clearing tecnique listed in the sticky. Windows wouldnt boot and all i got was "detecting array" again when i changed all the bios settings to: FSB Freq - 200 LDT/FSB - I tried 3 and 4 CPU/FSB - 12 cool & quiet - disabled CPU Vid Control (Vcore) - 1.4 Ram was 200MHZ at a 1:1 ratio Those setting still dont work. My memory is OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Platinum Edition (2-3-2-5) = Samsung TCB3, ProMOS 5ns. That's what some website said. I'm not familair with Max Async and Read Preamble. Are those under the ram settings? I plan on getting some OCZ pc4000 platinum sticks in a few days. If my current ram is the problem hopefully these new sticks will help. Anything else i should try?
  8. This is what i was setting everything to for a failed stock 12x200: FSB Freq - 200 LDT/FSB - I tried 3-5...but i think 4 is the right choice..still a little confused on this one CPU/FSB - 12 cool & quiet - disabled CPU Vid Control (Vcore) - 1.5 Ram was 200MHZ at a 1:1 ratio The setting above still wont let windows start. Those were in factory 5/04, modded 5/04, and 6/23 BIOS. Capton Proton when i said it wont boot it either wouldnt let me get into the bios or it would get past that point and say "detectting array" then restart itself. I dont even run raid. Also can you plase explain about clearing the CMOS after flashing. All i did was use Winflash to load the BIOS then restart the computer...that as it. While using Winflash i chose to update all the blocks...i hope that's ok. If i'm supposed to do something else or change somethign else give me some ideas. Is there a certain type of 3700 mobile that wont work at all in desktops?
  9. I just bought an Athlon64 3700+ mobile (754 Newark Core) for my Lanparty UT nf3 250GB motherboard. I pulled out the older A64 3200 that worked fine at 2.3GHz. This new 3700 wont go past 800MHz. I cant change the mulitplier from 4x and i'm keeping the FSB at 200 to match my PC3200 ram. I upgraded the BIOS from the factory 5/04 to the modded 5/04 & 6/23 and it still wont boot. I just want to figure out how to get it to the stock 12x200 setting......so sad but it'll be a start. Here's a shot of my settings. I think the problem is either the BIOS or i'm not setting something the correct way in the GENIE BIOS settings. What else should i try to get this thing working at stock speeds? Proccessor part # is AMN3700BKX5BU
  10. I think you should at least try to overclock this thing to 2.5 GHz. That would be a great step. I reccomend buying PC-4000 ram if you plan to overclock to 2.5 Ghz. The limiting factor on my overclock is my ram. Cheap ram will just give you a headache and will ruin your OC potential. You might try this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146845.
  11. TurboLaxx


    I love the inside of your case!! Never thought the DFI stock yellow could look good. Guess I needed to see it in a black case. Very clean. I love it!
  12. vega27, i am using the 10-15-04 Beta Bios - 4.0 vdimm - by Jess1313 & Samurai Jack(aka JSJ). I have my sticks in slot 1 and 3. I only did this to try and keep them cooler...but i guess that really doesn't matter at this point. No i have not tested one at a time. THunDA, the most i will give my vcore is 1.55 + 113% = 1.75 volts. I think more than that on air cool is dangerous. So when i step down my LDT mult to 3 and my ram on a 166 ratio, should i leave all the other DRAM settings on auto and then increase my htt or do i also change some DRAM settings?
  13. I ran is at max 3.3 volt. It only showed about 3.12 in the bios after i raised it to 3.3 volt.
  14. I am currently having problems with my OCZ memory timings. I have OCZ PC-3200 Platinum EL (2-3-2-5). I have to bump the timing to 3-4-4-10 with a 9/10 divider so it will boot into windows around 2300 Mhz. That sounds pretty bad and high. I just want anyone and everyone to please post their Bios settings of all their memory timings. I am having big problems with mine. All i want out of my computer is 2500 Mhz. If no one here helps me i'll be willing to sell my memory so i can buy pc-4200 to forgo the aggrivation of memory timings.
  15. I also have a Athlon 64 3200+. I have a Thermalright SLK-948U. It is a simple all copper heatsink that is pretty heavy (.635 Kg, about 1.4 pounds). I wish i got something with heatpipe technology. I currently have a 70 CFM 92mm fan on it. When overclocked to 2.4 GHZ and running on full load my cpu shutoff at 60 C. I am about to put a Vantec tornado on it that pushes up to 120 CFM. The point i'm getting at is I would stick with heatpipe technology. It's a fact that copper conducts heat better than aluminim, but it weighs quite a bit more. If i felt like buying another heatsink i would prob buy the CoolerMaster Hyper 6 Heatsink or Thermaltake Silent Tower Cooler. Both are about $50. Here are reviews about them: http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/coo...Tt_SilentTower/ http://www.silentpcreview.com/article167-page1.html I would put aftermarket fans on both of them if i bought one. I have the same motherboard as you also. I am new to overclocking as well. All the memory timings are very confusing. I bought pc-3200 ram hoping to overclock my system to 2.5 GHz, but so far i've failed. This is mainly due to me not being about to figure out my memory settings. I wish i had bought pc-3700 or pc-4200 which can handle 233 or 266 FSB with no tweaking (i'm pretty sure). But yes that ram is more expensive. I think you goal of 2.6GHz sould be easiliy obtained with a decent cooler and good memory.
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