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    AMD 3200+ -upgrading to the venice 3500+ in hours
    Abit AV8 3rd-eye K8T800pro
    74gb raptor 10k
    36gb raptor 10k
    250gb caviar wd 7200rpm
    9800pro all-in-wonder ATI
    4x512mb pc3200 ram kingston
    TDK 12x dvdrw
    16x Liteon dvdrom
    500W psu mge vigor wtih 2 fans 120mm and 80mm
    Diabolic case
    7-1 mistumi card reader
    19" crt samsung syncmaster flat
    xp professional edition
    x64 xp pro trial
  1. Dfi tech support told me that DFI boards are finnicky with Kingston ram, but my Kingston ram has been working fine. The OCZ did work that I bought due to his advice, but that was a 1gb and I wantted to stick with my 2gb. It is interesting, on Kingston ram, i hvae seen samsung, elpida, micron as manufacturers of the kingston ram. Kingston will pay for shipping both ways if you have a wrong revision That is always good when a company gives you no trouble about warranty and pays both ways, that is why i buy kingston. I have had only issues with wrong revisions for boards, I call them they ask for revision number and they tell me wrong one and they ship me the right one, and htey crossship too which is good. On an old Abit AV8 3rd-eye, i once ran 4 sticks of 512mb of kingston, I had errors installing windows but I didn't think it was the ram. I had it running for months and I was told by kingston that it only could use 2 of the 4 not 4 of the sticks, and when i took out 2 sxticks sure enough the errors only during install of windows went away. other than that when i operated the system no errors and windows recognized the 2gb.
  2. Has anyone conducted a test with just one graphic card to see the difference between scores?
  3. Using 3dmark06 and 3dmark05 I get equal to my top score on my x64 on my ide than i do on my raptor 32bit xp. 1840 is my highest 3dmark06 on my 32bit and that is what i scored last night on my x64. Cpu I scored higher. On sisandra 2007, I benched the physical drives and there was only 10mb difference between the raptor and the ide, and only 5mb difference from my sata 160gb to my ide. however, on the multimedia cpu I beat out the x64 by 10,000. And sisandra did a burn in on this computer, and it says that my pwm temperature is m y cpu temperature lol. I think the ITE is reading the wrong temps for wrong parts. For as long as I have had it it has been 35cpu 48PWM 47CHP Sisandra says the 35 is chipset and the 48 is cpu. Plus there was a deviance in the reading, for the average it said 51C. But cool n quiet does not work on this board so that is not too bad. Plus, I have a toledo it is suppoesd to be 110W, but sisandra says it is only taking 92W, is this ok? 110W to 92W is a drop. but, i do get equal to the top scores on my x64 though. I average 1820-1840 on 06, and 5100-5200 on 05. cpu 1600 and 4900.
  4. For the 4400+ x2 to run at 45C is pretty warm, the single cores don't run that warm often. the chipset is hot, mine is too. I have never come close to 4000. I only have one video card anyay. But, it is awesome seeing the 3dmark06 score on the x64 be tying my best I have received on my 32bit raptor. and the cpu the highest. I just ran 3dmark06 on my x64 on my ide 7200rpm. I scored 1840, and cpu 1652. That is tying my high score on my raptor drive on this machine on a 32bit windows. And that cpu score is the highest i have received, but only by 20 points. That is pretty good, for an old ide hardrive, I moved the installer for the 3dmark06 over from my raptor to this one, so I used the exact same installer to run it on the x64 as I did first on the 32bit. I just got done with the 3dmark05 on the x64 on my ide, I beat out my 32bit xp pro raptor score at 5210 marks, i only received a 4539 cpu though, but that is ballpark. This goes to show that x64 definitely is not any slower than the 32bit even on 32bit applications. And it wouldn't be that big a deal with windows emulating their own code anyway. It isn't like the Pear program that was emulating apple or the powerpc archetecture. I will run sisandra next. When I get this board replaced i expect to score better on my rpator because of the serious issue of the raid. However, if I receive the new board that is replaced and it is the same, I can infer from that what the 1) OS Is or 2) the difference in hardrive. But I have had the x64 on raptor once and I hvae never seen such a fsat computer and that was with my 3500+, it blew away this cpu.
  5. Does anyone think that some hardware companies are trying to cut cost in development and release products to customers and get reply from customers? In this way, with forums, they can cut a lot of the cost by having us rma the board and report bugs and such. It can take a lot of time off their needing to perfect the process. I am more reassured now than ever, because this board has so many, and DFI DAGF NF4 has the SAME bugs. How is that? I bought these boards less than a month apart. Nvidia brought this idea to me first. Hp made the belief a little stronger. Maybe hardware companies release a product a little too quick thinking they can fix it while it is out in the customers hands? I would rather wait and get a reliable board than quick and buggy board. This has drastic consequences. On some retailers sites they have customer feedback they post publicly on their site. This buggyboard release can literally cost manufacturers thousands of dollars by something like releasing product too early from testing.
  6. I wouldn't get this board if I were you. This board is not what it should be to the price you pay. There are $90 dollar boards with this chipset that will outshine this board by far. This chipset on the other board works great. I bought DFI out of expreiment and people who have promoted them. But, I have to say that they do not come close to abit or msi or asus. I have built many systems on those boards and have none of the issues I have had with this board or the DAGF. I think maybe DFI needs to do a little more engineering before they release the boards to the public. It is not our job to do their R & D. it has to be an engineering problem because so many people who buy this board shouldn't have the same issues. However, that is a little too harsh, because so far, DFI tech support has been ok. That is what counts, the support. I am able to rma it easy with newegg, but if i had an issue with DFI with the rma I would definitely steer clear. MSI customer service and Kingston are stellar. What I am thinking now? Well, DFI came out with next 3200 chipset, I am thinking that they will stop making bios before they fix all the bugs. Companies cut corners to save money. HP Compaq I sold a laptop it had bug in it and I bought another compaq less than a year, and they had the same bug in them. Even after sending the first compaq back for replacement of m otherboard it still had the same blue screen of ati2vdag.dll infinite loop. I think companies are trying to push products out and cut cost so therefore customer does a lot of their work via - reporting on forums. We are free labor for them.
  7. the 4400+ is a nice cpu and is worth it, it doesn't score that much below the 4800+. This board I can't say I can promote it. I have built a system with this chipset on another board I wont name and with a 3800+ X2 and it is better than this one. The bugs in this board are in the DFI Nf4 board too, I bought this board to get away from the bugs in the nf4 one! lol. The VIA board I built with DFI is great though. I have to say the nf4 board was not broke, it just had the bug of not booting when usb is plugged in even after bios update. I can't build pcs for people who have these bugs even if htey are not broken boards, I will get the blame and then be asked to fix it. I have had the best expriences with VIA chipsets. However, I had to step away for a bit due to the dual core incompatibility. If i had to do it all over again, I would buy the board I used to build the system for the friend who paid me to configure and build a sytem for. His machine with the 3800+ X2 with this chipset on another board outperforms this one and that board only cost $89.00!!!!!!! and 7200rpm hardrive he has and 12 pipeline 780mhz compared to this 16 and 987mhz. never mind the cpu!
  8. Maybe, try installing windows with only 1 video card. Then if thta works you can add the second one later. I see in the bios wwhere it says you can disable or enable dual. You could take one stick of ram out and try installing windows with either 1 of your sticks of ram. I have read many people have issues getting this board to work on crossfire. I would suggest no overclocking whatsoever just to make sure. Many people have stability problems with this board at stock, I would not want to imagine overclocked.
  9. I have teh same issues with the sata on this board. My ide outperforms my raptor drive lol. I have been reading the feedback from newegg on this board and many people have issues with this board. I really wish DFI would come out with a K8T890 chipset. I have to say I am a little let down by this board, this board has not come close to the $90 dollar boards I hhave built and used. I am rmaing this board to newegg to get a replacement. Temps are way too high and the ide the temps are great. it is slower than it should be, there is no way my 7200rpm ide 3 year old western digital outperforms the raptor. Plus, 6 out of 8 satas dont work on this board. 8 satas, why have 8 SATA I's? doesnt really make sense being an expensive premium board. Why not make them all SATA II or atleast 4 sata II and 4 sata I's? And, how many cases fit 8 hardrives? how many people are really going to use 8? However, worked out for me, 6 out of 8 not working I am able to use it lol.
  10. I average for 3dmark06-- 1840, never below 1810. Cpu i average i forget i think it is 1600. I average for 3dmark05 5140 never below 5120 and never above 5300. cpu score average 4900. (weird the DAGF I scored 6000 with this same cpu lol weird but this score did raise though but cpu slowed lol) Sisandra I get average of 19320/8900. Everest ultra edition I score top on most Latency is always good, but not as good as the K8T890 chipset or the K8T800pro. This board is not as fast in comparison. My 3500+ that is on my K8T890 appears to outperform this system that has a 4400+ on it lol, latency for this board is 60ns, the K8T890 19ns.
  11. I have x64 on this system on a 7200rpm IDE hardrive and it clearly outperforms the xp pro 32bit that is on my 10,000rpm raptor. I once was able to get x64 on a sata raptor and it was nuts how fast it was, nuts 50% or twice as fsat couldn't believe it. I was always in awe, I have had 3 hardrives these I hae on all boards and I have always had the x64 on the ide 7200rpm and to the eye it appeared faster than the raptors running the 32bit. Plus, I have burned a movie with the same software on the same computer, the 32bit xp pro on the raptor burned it 5 full minutes SLOWER than the x64 on an ide!!! I dont have the multimedia driver. I have issues with the satas on this board, the ide performs better and as well 12C lower temps across the board on the x64 ide than on the sata that likes to stay at 50C on chipset and 54C on pwm when idle! but on x64 ide it is 38C chipset 40C and 22C cpu. Weird indeed. But, I have had this configuration on a K8T890 chipset from VIA same observations, I have had this configuratrion on K8T800pro from VIA same observations from abit board dfi boards. It is true you cant use 32bit drivers on x64, but the x64 is a stable fast operating system, I have been using it since the prerelease, i believe it is just about 1 1/2 years I have been using it. Microsoft used the windows server 2003 for it. I can't find a multimedia driver though. I am upset at microsoft holding off on the tv tuner driver. They can't really call it xp because they stated on their site that x64 vista will su pport tv tuner. They are pulling an Me on people who buy x64 like me lol. If i could get tv tuner support for the x64 I woujld use it full time. I had a 9800pro all-in-wonder and couldnt get it, ATI told me No multimedia center for x64 lol. I haev a different tv tuner now, but I was never able to get tv tuner. however, Nero Ultra edition came closest. And Nero Ultra Edition runs on x64 nicely on this board. I have been using it on this board. As well sa the 32bit. I have the same Nero ultra on my x64 on this computer as I do on the 32bit on my raptor on this computer. nero does a great job recoding. Nero Ultra Edition works great for me. CloneDVD2 works great on x64. Anydvd works great on x64. Itunes has worked (but will alert you of lack of driver for importing) Everest (home, ultra, corporate) Edition works great on x64. ATI drivers have always worked good for me on all boards with the x64.
  12. http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/dlhd-2...1&Software=True http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=901105
  13. Occasionally that will happen to me. Not every time. I will turn off the computer and it will turn on immediately which is weird. I do as the DFI manual says and always have waited approximately 15 seconds before turning back on the pc, but sometimes it doesnt wait it actually does turn on as if it is a restart not a power off.
  14. I have been told by an Asus tech support once to take out the battery when before I rmad their board. I don't do it as a practice, doing as the earlier poster stated, just take the pin move and wait and then after a minute put it back. One thing, however, DFI could do what abit does, put a long fin at the end of the jumpers, makes it so much easier to reset the cmos because I dont hvae the smallest fingers in the world but making a fin at the end would make it so much easier to reset the cmos
  15. I agree. I have the x64bit trial and had hte preview of it and i cant do a lot with it due to drivers. However, if you have a big hardrive you can partition it and have it installed with your 32bit os. The x64 does run fast though. I am waiting for my 3500+ venice to come it is on its way, i shoudl recieve it before 430 this afternoon. I Have a 3200+ winchester and it is an awesome chip. I am going to put it on another pc i am building to sell. It is funny though, Canon drivers dont work, you would think that those issues would be worked out quick. My all-in-wonder is partially functional, non of the tv and multimedia drivers work but the card's drivers are good on the x64 but just cant do any video stuff that came wth it on it. Heck, my motherboard's utilities are not yet by what i see on their site ready for the x64 either.
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