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  1. Actually they do have a HIS 512 mb one, but I will probley settle with the Sapphaire one. Thanks for the help guys going to order from newegg right now.
  2. ok, thats good to know cause I would really like to have the X1950 Pro, Should I get the HIS one or the Saphire one? the main differnece I see in them is that the Saphire one has two molex connectors and the HIS one uses the PCI-E Connector. My antec has modular cable managment so should I use a molex from one string of connectors and then connect another to another string of connectors? Thanks
  3. My old video card died so its time for a new card, I don't really want to move to PCI-Express x16 yet, as I have only had this computer for a year and a half and would like to have it another year. So my new card needs to be AGP. My Two options are a X1950 Pro 512 mb and a 7800 GS 256mb. I have read that the X1950 Pro is the best AGP card out there so I would like to have that one. The only problem is that I am worried that I might not have enough power to run it as I have read a lot of how people are having a lot of problems with it. My Specs are P4 3.4 Ghz HT Prescott ASUS P4C-800E Deluxe 2GB Pqi RAM 1 36gb Raptor 1 250 Western Digital Aspire Dreamer X Case Antec Smartpower 2.0 500 watt 2 Optical Drives DVD-RW, CD-RW So I have looked up my power supply and it says i have duel rails which supply 19 amps on one rail and 17 on the 2nd rail. it also has a connecter so I can plug in a PCI-E in. The HIS version of the X1950 Pro require the PCI-E connector to power it. It says the minimum requirement for the X1950 is 450watt 30amp. so will my power supply put both rails together to power it or what? Also would I be better off takeing the safer bet and just getting the 7800 GS? Thanks
  4. Currently I have onboard sound from my ASUS motherboard, I was wondering what would be the best sound card and Headphones for about $100 bucks for both of them. I would like a creative sound card but it dosn't matter what kind of headphones just as long as they sound good and they are confortable. I will be using this setup for gaming like CS:S, BF2 and other games. I was think about $50 on the Sound card and $50 on the Headphones. thanks for the help I am willing to spend a little more if it is a really good item.
  5. alright well I turned my computer on this morning and I looked at speed fan and I was amazed how low my Northbridge and my Hared drive temp was, but my CPU temp was pretty high but its a prescott so what do ya expect. My Northbridge temp was 23C at Ambient (72F) My 10,000 RPM Raptor Hard Drive was running at 19C Below Ambient (72F) My CPU 3.4 GHZ Prescott was at 52C I don't even have a fan on my Northbridge I have 2 fans on the hard drive. Would a Thermalright Xp-90 and a 92mm Silent Cat fan cool my proc enough so it dosn't look like my CPU is 4 times hotter than everything else in my computer. What can I do to get my CPU temps lower. All those temp were at idle During Games all the temps get about 10C higher.
  6. yeah I am going to start backing up data on my other computer now I am lucky I was able to get my hard drive back going long enough to get all my files off of it.
  7. well I was lucky enough to get all the saved files I wanted off that hard drive I am going to open it up and play around with it for a while later to see if something internally happend to it. I guess I will be backing up the primary too and reformatting because some programs ran off the secondary hard drive so half of the programs don't work. in a couple of weeks when I can get some money together I am going to be a 250gb Western Digital from newegg hopefully this one will last a little longer than 2 years but I did use the other one a lot though. well I hope this is the only problem I run into for a while thanks for the help again guys.
  8. alright so I took out the hard drive and I plugged it into a differnet power supply and it was an old one so I didn't have to have anything plugged into it. as soon as i turned it on I heard the clicking noise so it now is in fact the Hard drive and not the power supply. Now I just got to find out what went wrong with it and get my saved files off of it thanks guys for the help yall saved me some money I almost went and bought a new PSU.
  9. ok here the update when I got up this morning I decided to boot my computer and it would load windows but then at the welcome screen it would freeze and there were a lot of clicking then I touched the power cord to the secondary hard drive and it clicked even more I then touch other power cords and they didn't do anything so then I unplugged the secondary hard drive and I booted up windows and I havent even heard the clicking noise. so I think it is the hard drive too but what do I do I have saved files on there any one know how I can get those and what could possibly be wrong with it?
  10. Well for a while now my computer would make a clicking noise when I started playing games or doing things that would require a lot of computer power. I couldn't tell really where the clicking was coming from so I didn't think to much of it. Now a couple week later I was playing counter-strike source and when i exited out of the game my computer locked up. Ever sense that lockup my computer always locks up after I exit out of any game. It is starting to also get glitchy during the game. Before it never did. then last night I was playing for about 2 hour straight (normally locks up about after 30min) I exited out of the game and it locked up so then i restarted then went to copy some files over to my secondary hard drive about half way through it lost connection with my second hard drive which has never happend before so then I opened my comp to check the cables and they were all fine. I restarted the computer again and it said for me to make sure I have the power cable connected to my Radeon 9800 pro video card and I check the cords and they were all fine I had to restart the computer about 3 times before the computer would auctally start windows. when I got the computer back restarted it locks up about after 5 minutes of being on and before it locks up I hear a loud squeeling noise. This problem is really worring me now cause I can't even use the computer I have having to use my other rig. I am not sure what is causeing this but I am thinking it is the power supply. Any help on the would be appricated. at first I thought it was over heating but then I let the computer sat an hour and it still locked up when I first started back again and temps were normal when it did lock up. Thanks
  11. alright thanks for the help guys the forton 450watt one looks pretty good I migh try that out and see how it work. Thanks
  12. well my PSU is about to die and I am of need of a new one. I was wondering if this power supply is a good one, and if rosewell is a good brand. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817182005 If that one sucks then what would be the best one you can buy for about $50. I need one that can give me more than enough power like a 500watt one. P4 3.4ghz HT Radeon 9800 pro 2 GB ram 2 cd drives 2 hard drives 7 case fans Aerogate II fan Controller Thanks.
  13. lol yeah it is the x-dreamer II ok thx for the help I am thinking about get a new heatsink for processor and a new power supply what are some good ones. I don't really want to spend more than 50$ on either HS or PSU. which is the best for the price. Thanks
  14. When I am playing a game like Counter-Strike Source about after 5-10 minutes of play I keep hearing the clicking noise from my computer. Occasionally the Game just locks up for no reason at anytime. then if it dosn't lock up during the game it locks up about 1 mintues after I exit out of any game. I temps during the game are about Processor 65C (Prescott Processor) and about 48C for the Video card. I am using speed fan for the Processor temp and a Temp probe for the video card. I don't know what is causing this problem and the temps inside my case are pretty cool about 30C the northbridge runs about 30C and my two hard drive run about 35C max. I have a cheap 420 watt power suppy that came with the case which might be the reason cause it is pretty crappy and the fan in it makes some horrible noises. My specs are 3.4 ghz Prescott HT Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb R360 Core 2 gb Ram 420 Watt PSU 40 gb 10000 RPMs 160 gb 7200 RPMs P4C800-E Mobo any help on this problem would be great, this locking up thing is starting to get annoying. I have a stock HS on the processor and Vid card I think gettin better ones might help, or a newer and better PSU. Thanks Edit heres a pic of my Speed fan power meters
  15. Yeah on medium range Cards 9800 pro is good and if he overclocks get him ati silencer and hope you got an r360 chip and flash it to 9800xt.
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