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  1. D-BEAR

    Aquamark 3 Scores Post here

    opteron 165 @ 2.95 air 7900gt sli 650/1650 air score=125,657 GFX 23,397 CPU 13.570
  2. Here's my 2 xfx 7900gt's....first one has green pcb and is the 470mhz one...v.1.0 date 02/06 code UDFR...Second card black pcb same 470mhz v.A.0 code UCF7 date 04/06.
  3. What make were your's.....my 2 XFX's work fine... one with green pcb and the other black.
  4. Hello....another user of the NV6 here....don't know who sussed it out first but i got my info from xs as i was looking for another cooler for my sli as 2 vf900's will nor fit on a dfi-ultra.....all i had to do was file one of the thumb screws down a bit and now works a treat....and i must say performs well. :nod: Edit: Here's a pic...as you can see thumb screws on zalman would get in the way.....on the NV6 only the one in the front needs to be filed down a bit.
  5. D-BEAR

    7900GTX SLI score too low!!

    Hi guys....been doing a bit of benching with my 7900gt's....here's what i got to far....cpu @ 2.8....XFX 7900 gt's @ 600/1644. 3dmark 01: 39.209 3dmark 03: 35,127 3dmark 05: 14.926 3dmark 06: 9,318 Only got to do 1 run of 03...tryed to submit...said i needed update , installed..... from then on i get crash saying corrupt...uninstalled reinstalled + update....still corrupt....anyone now how i can solve this corruption without wiping o/s.
  6. My sli bridge is an ABIT got it off ebay for 55p + p+p...what a bargian.
  7. D-BEAR

    Opty 165 Overclocking database

    Hi richiec77.....i can run it higher but i do only for benching up to 2.85 '@ around 1.52....but not sure what are decent temps for one of these that's why i run as low as possible @ 2.6ghz temps are 30-40 @ 2.8ghz it gets to low 50's @ full load on air....so not to sure if it's to high at that temp....i seen on another forum a guy claiming their good up to 65c full load....so it's who to believe.
  8. Cheers Crag-Hack....Here's my fisrt run with 7900gt's 1.3v @ 600/1644 3DMark06.
  9. D-BEAR

    Opty 165 Overclocking database

    Hi Oceanborn....many say to avoid this stepping.....but in my case i wouldn't swap it for anything....well maybe a 170 that does 2.8 @ stock v's.
  10. Hi there...no i think it's a good strong +12v rail....my new epsilon which i put in today says 12.27 in mbm and 12.15 in bios...when i checked with mm i found mbm to be more correct...my actual reading was 12.33....and no it is not a problem.
  11. D-BEAR

    Opty 165 Overclocking database

    Here's my CCBWE 0551 UPMW this was only to see if it would hit 3g only and did not push any furher as on air.
  12. D-BEAR

    Aquamark SLI Bench

    Sorry i meant 113k @ stock.....will be clocking tommorow when new psu arives. Edit: got it up to 121k so far.
  13. My chip is mighty fine...same stepping...i run it 24/7 @ 2.6ghz for low v's...i have benched up to 2850ghz 1.5v....and i got a screenshot of 3ghz @ 1.58v all with a Zalman CNPS9500.....NOTHING IS GUARANTEED your either lucky or you ain't.
  14. D-BEAR

    3Dmark Scores?

    XFX 7900gt vmod 3DMark05=11.7k 3DMark06=6.7k
  15. D-BEAR

    Aquamark SLI Bench

    Now got my SLI setup....with standard 2x 7900gt's @ stock cpu @2.6ghz i get a score of 112k....does this sound Ok.