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  1. afaik is it a socket 754 board and i just could put 2 kingston hyperX modules in it ***edit but it aint support so jsut screw it ^^ its a complet new rig with a new OS and stuff see above ^^ erm my old system is an 800mhz tb with 512 mb ram and a gb ga-7eix4 finally some on-topic well as teh board got a nforce chipset imma go with the originial planned g6800 btw: i'm not that kinda ati fan and well the hd aint the bigga prob coz i got a FS with almost 2tb hd in it and a dual 1gbit connection its just at my pc for faster booting and all local based stuff so well i wouldnt exectily call me a gamer usally jsut play KalOnline which aint that gfx intensive but bought gta3 and reallized my maschine kinda suck at it a to summ it all up: - better and/or more ram - a g6600++ gfx - a newly installed windows
  2. hi ppl, just got my wage for the month and though of getting a newer system (dang it been it alrdy 5 yrs with that other one!? <_< ) oki the hardware(basic) GigaByte GA-K8NS AMD Sempron 2600+ AOpen Aeolus 6200-DV256 Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 512 MB DDR-400 1. would it be wise to combine them or are there any advices on changing the hardware coz e.g aopen gfx lose performance on GB boards(just an example though) or something like that 2. is it wayne which hdd imma use with that system or are there some advice too? { planing on getting a Samsung SP1213C or Maxtor 6Y080M0 or Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JD } big thanks in advance and i would appreciate if u stick with $500 max for the main hardware ***edit: with a WD-hdd and a case it would be like 385
  3. lmfao or in germany Telecom or arcor ^^
  4. Bunker

    New Worm

    a little correction in general it also effects winxp-pro user coz the kernel is basicially the little sister of win2k but mcaffee, f-secure and sophos had fixed for all 5 kinds of that worm the easy way is just update ur AV-Software with the corresponding Virusdefinition, filter all irc-flagged packetes and update windows thats should do the try btw: havent had a prob with it prolly would knew about it if my boss havent said to check for it ^^ btw2: easiest way to bypass such works just use netware and deactivate every protocoll which is needed for a windows network ^^
  5. true every os could be the savest its just a case of how u secure it but basicially i would go with any linux/unix based system because u can work on the system kernel and all packetes which are used while running it so i would go with bsd,lfs or debian eventhough i just have experiences with debian and a gentoo for router ***edit: 1. if ur concerted about security of ur rig just unplug the ur connection to the world ^^ 2. or build a paraniode man gateway-router-system ^^( i got like 2 gateways, 1 router and 2 subnets every workstation with a sophos AV client and a extra sophos enterprise server havent hade any probs with hacks or other attempts to atk me from outside or any keylogger from inside(had one but it didnt went through the first inner layer so i think its secure)
  6. hi there, i'm working in the IT-department of our company and my boss wonna switch to the new Netware linux desktop based on SuSe 9.something... our server also is suppossed to be runing with the netware linux open-enterprise server so here is my problem: i looking for a little walkthrough through the linux/unix cmdline mode or any page thats recommendable( coz i had it with "linux for dummies" or "linux in 21 days" thats just surfacial) according to that topic thanks in advance guyz
  7. just finished the latest episodes of sg1 last n8 and where pretty pissed bout those authors and producers wtf are they doing to that awesome series? and as i saw o'neil leave i check serveral pages due some informations and richard dean anderson is online listed as regular cast till 2005 so is he really leaving!? lets share some experiences and ideas whats coming up nxt on sg1 will it be canceled or will they get macgayver back on!?
  8. well as its been said before creat another user an ur computer call user with admin status or similar set a easy password like "12345" or stuff and do it with all ur maschines u might asked why?! coz xp is stupid in account managment if that doesnt work just us a netware network with a central FS
  9. ur network set up is fine would have splitted the xboxes and pcs onto 2 switches did u guyz ever thought about a prob with live? well i'm not sure but sounds pretty much like xbox-live doesnt like 2 connection from 1 ip and cant differentiate between meta-addresses how to solve it!? well try a second connection on ur with a software router and 4 network cards or 2 routers so u can elimiate the prob with live or just check if its really the prob or just reallize ur connection just suck and get a better one
  10. Bunker


    sure it can you jsut have to have a suitable codec install on ur maschine btw: u should use wmp instead of the ati-thingy, coz the ati player got performance issues but i'm using none of both using bs-player and i'm pretty satisfied with it but it screws with other players though
  11. Bunker

    Ftp Set Up

    well got some things 1st: u shouldnt use the standartport for the ftp use others so its way saver for u e.g i use 8003 and a psv range of at least 5 ports(10 recommended) ( btw: close all ports first them open then manualy if u need them) 2nd: if ur router allows it u should get ur outside ip address which some ftp-servers need to get the psv-mode range right otherwise ur ftp wont be reachable from the outside 3rd: make sure those who wonna access ur ftp have psv-mode activated on their clients and got the right account data with a corrosponding root directory 4th: get a dns by Dyndns.org they also provide good software which updates ur host-dns every after a configured time interval i hope i got everthing ps: never ever use standart ports if its not essential to run the software that should provide more security for ur own system/network
  12. nope u havent but i guess after reading both the threats i never ever will touch a llama again oki the last time was in my 9th year in this pittyful planet ^_^
  13. i wouldnt ask i didnt want to know
  14. what is it with those llamas anyway... k i admit i'm used to p8 and kuro screaming that line at me but a whole board dangit what is with those wierde animals?!
  15. well why dont we make my nationality NOT an issue here...hum?! 8)
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