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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    corsair 2X 1gig 800mhz 4-4-4-12
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  1. Some of you should read "god is not great, how religion poisons everything." I was atheist when i started reading it, now my anti-theist viewpoint is stronger then ever. You cant argue with the logic of it.
  2. here is some more sites that reported the same thing. http://www.dvhardware.net/article33152.html http://www.stinkpost.com/viewtopic.php?f=63&p=899
  3. *sigh* the knowledge of this forces me to hold off on upgrading yet again. (have an 8600gts)
  4. well thats my porn material for the night.
  5. i tried that still didnt work. thanks though Edit: i had to restart the computer to get it to change. just pluging the portable out then in was a good enough "refresh" for it. so yes it works now thanks.
  6. i just want to have an autorun file on my portable hard drive come up with a certain .ico when i plug it in. i must be doing something small wrong. i wrote the autorun.inf in the root directory as\ [Autorun] ICON=[file name].ico then have the .ico with that file name in the root directory in the portable drive as well. what am i missing?
  7. id say the ram is your culprit, try running the ram at 4-4-4-12 at 800mhz at whatever voltage ends up being comfortable.
  8. i did forget to mention one thing, im running the 174.74 beta drivers. If they add to the huge jump in performance you might want to try those Edit: i just went back started playing crysis. I turned all settings equal to the reviewers except left AA off and like around 60-70 frames. when i put 2AA on they plummeted to around 30. i have heard other people say that AA in crysis has some memory leak/is horrible inefficient. this could be evidence of it. perhaps this is why i can floor the game but leave AA off and still get ok frame rate. Edit again: after some further testing/fiddling with settings i have found that if you put any AA on at all it will automatically put shaders onto high. shaders is the most demanding single setting in the game save maybe resolution. if you go back and check your benchmark you may find that putting your 2AA on forced shaders onto high which can knock frames down a significant amount.
  9. i must have miss read something. ill go check again. Edit: yes, heres why. it is true that he is running the same resolution and has 2AA however it says at the top. Advanced settings to medium. if hes only getting 21 frames on mediums settings......unless those arnt the same settings im thinking of?
  10. well i do suggest you patch the game and benchmark crysis again. also you maybe cpu bound. right now im running 6600 dual at 3.06 ghz 1360fsb on p5w dh deluxe 4 gigs corsair 855mhz 4-4-4-12 8800gtx at 660mhz core 990mhz memory settings: 1920X1200 AA off Everything set to very high except motion blur off 15-20 frames i mean at some points those frames dip like when say 10 AI or more are after me and shooting. but walking around it can peak at 25. so your benchmarks are way off. again i think its because cpu bound or that patch helps A LOT! maybe both. also AA appears to kill crysis more then most games, idd like to see the test with that off.
  11. well it must be upgraded because im still getting that upload today. my speed test was 1460kb for upload. im very excited about this. i couldnt find any news that comcast upgraded the area.
  12. do you mean 300KB/s? because 300kb (kilo bit) is only 37.5KB/s. if so then how are you getting it that fast. the plan i pay for is the 6mb download 383kb(give or take a few bits) upload. I'm getting over double my plan for hours now. its really been riding around 120KB and should be way down at 45KB.
  13. my upload speed is just staying over 100/KBs, for about and hour and a half now. usually my upload maxes out at 45/KB. i am in new jersey and have comcast, did they upgrade their powerboost system to last longer or something?
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