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  1. Weird questions... 1) I overclocked my cpu to 3.0ghz and OC'ed my RAM with the XMP that came with it. But when I do that, sleep mode doesn't work. When I put it into sleep mode and try to awake it, the system doesn't make it to the BIOS screen and keeps restarting over and over again. I have to manually unplug it from the wall for it to reset and allow me to get back into Windows again. The XMP timings are 7-7-7-18. When I disable the XMP and use auto mode it goes to 10-11-11-30. Using the auto mode allows the sleep mode to work exactly how it should so I assuming the faster RAM timings are responsible for making the sleep mode fail? 2) When I use the auto mode for all my BIOS settings, my RAM has the right memory timings and the CPU has the right voltage and everything, but the CPU clock speed stays at 2.4ghz in CPU-Z. In control panel > system it says 2.6ghz. Why does it do that? My system specs are in my signature. Help would be appreciated... Thanks
  2. I ran WoW at 1920x1200 on my 8800GT with default settings and I had no problems. Even in Dalaran I had little stutter. From what I've heard, WoW is mainly CPU dependent.
  3. My system consists of an Intel Q9300 running at 3.0ghz and 4gb of 1600mhz ram. I have 2 HD4890s and I was wondering if that would work with my system. Yes, my system is CrossfireX capable, but would my video cards be held back because of limited system performance? I don't know why people keep telling me that my current system would limit my graphic performance. Is there a general rule of thumb when determining the best video card for a given system which will allow the card to run at its max potential/capability?
  4. My configuration: 1st router: WAN: IP assigned from cable modem LAN: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP range: - 2nd router WAN: assigned from first router LAN: Gateway: DHCP range: - I have 8 computers. 4 of which are servers and the other 4 are desktops. I want to seperate them using subnets. I will be protecting those 4 servers with a firewall. I have done it before, but I forgot how to configure it. I've tried putting the 2nd router's WAN IP in DMZ mode on the first router, but that didn't work either. All computers will need to access the internet; including the ones behind the 2nd router. Does the 2nd router need a different subnet mask? gateway? I need some help please. Thanks
  5. When do 5k series cards come out? Im lookin into a 4890 or 4870x2. I run 1920x1200. I play Crysis at full res and I like to play very high. Should I wait or buy now? Thoughts appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone. The machine in my signature has a minor problem. I have windows vista ultimate 64bit version as my OS and i am having trouble getting it out of sleep mode. it goes to sleep normally but when i push the power button to awake it, it keeps rebooting before even getting to the BIOS screen. the only solution ive come across is to turn off the power supply and power on the machine a gain, but i get a windows error menu after doing so. I like the sleep mode because i forget to power off my machine at times... any suggestions on how to fix this? thanks.
  7. Ok so check this out... I tried both chips one at a time to see if one was faulty and its true. I finally got my 1600mhz at 7-7-7-18 timings with 1.9v. I tried the other and it BSODed on windows loading.... So looks like I have to pull an RMA on this one, but I have another question. I ordered these chips a long time ago and never really ran them at 1600 until today. So I need to run some memtest to see what happens, but my question is... do I RMA them to newegg or to G. Skill? Thanks for the help everyone...
  8. Hey everyone I have a question about my main rig (look at my sig)... I have this kind of RAM (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231167) in my machine and I cant seem to get it up to 1600 like its rated for. When I select "load fail-safe defaults" in my BIOS I get BSODs and reboots almost instantly when it trys to load the OS. I've tried using manual timings of 10-10-10-20 and slower than that to see if it was a timing issue and still no luck. My CPU overclocks are great. Im getting to 3.30ghz stable with RAM at 1066, but then when I bring it up to 1333 or higher it crashes or wont even boot. Any suggestions to help me fix this?
  9. Hey everyone, I have a somewhat complex question to ask... I will be configuring a server soon. I need to know how I can get the most possible speed access to that server since it will be the only one due to a lack of space. The server has dual gigabit connections direct to a gigabit network hub. Currently I have four 250GB hard drives in there. According to my theory, a gigabit network connection should max out at around 120-128MB tops. Since I will have many folders shared on that server, I will split the files between the first two hard drives and use the second two as a mirror backup. Since 2 gigabits will reach 240-256MB of transfer, how will the computer respond to that and can it actually sustain such speeds? Thanks...
  10. Does anyone know if there is an audio format that supports muli-threaded encoding, for example a program that will use all of my 4 CPU cores. I encode audio almost daily and could benefit from minimal encoding times. Thanks, Alex
  11. I cant seem to get my G.Skill RAM stable at the rated 7-7-7-18 1600mhz that is says on the chips. I tried increasing the voltage to the rated voltage (1.9) then I get crazy errors in memtest. When I lower it to 1.6 it becomes more stable and gets less errors, but it still isnt completely stable. Theres a review of my board where the reviewer claims that he couldnt get it to 1600mhz on my board at all. I suspected the RAM chips he was using but mine are doing the same. Could this be a board issue? Heres the review of my mobo that says they couldnt hit 1600mhz (http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6165&Itemid=1). Thanks, Alex V
  12. Ok, there's something strange going on with my setup. In my BIOS options it says CPU voltage is 1.3v but the BIOS PC Heath Status reads 1.18. How can this be? Is there some kind of option that keeps it from allowing the voltage to go up? Thanks.
  13. Well Im already running 1.3v in BIOS but HWMonitor only shows 1.12 as do all the other Apps, but I dont know what is more accurate. Should I increase my vCore?
  14. I got my Q9300 to 3.0, well I got it up to 3.3, but I keep getting errors in SuperPi doing the 32M test. I get an error that says "NO EXACT IN ROUND". Does anyone know if this is a memory problem or CPU problem? I need to get memtest to find out if I need to losen my timings... Any ideas?
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