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  1. i have never done a case mod in my life... that'll come in time, so my suggestion is anything but official, But, what if you sanded down the edge of the plexi so it has a notch the thickness of the case so it'd look roughly like this: ________________ ______| |________ |_____________________________| the superglue the window on the notch to the inside of the case where you cut the window of the same shape. Just an idea, Probably wouldnt work. I have no clue
  2. Thanks.. I know how to soder (sortof, i did some in school, not much) but i dont have the equipment, if i can just rig the wires up ill be good to go, thanks. (about that usb thing, Radio shack was trying to sell me a USB to Midi converter for my force feedback pro, still didnt work, called MS they told me that that thing that Radio shack sold me could fry my USB port. Very cool, never once did he mention buying a new stick. In fact, i told him... kinda cool...)
  3. K i will, Its a good price on a MSI GeForce4 Ti 4600, thank u pricewatch!!!!
  4. Has anyone tried the site "avlogic.com"? they have a relly good price on a product so i need to know if their's been any complaints with this company. any help would be appreciated... thanks,
  5. Radio Shack was almost responsable for frying one of the USB ports on my laptop... Would i have to soder anything if i replaced the rocker?
  6. ah, but the rocker is bigger then a pci slot i think...
  7. I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for what i should do about installing the rocker switch from this on this. I'd like to avoid cutting the case (looks too darn sweeet, and besides, i dont have the tools.) i was thinking of feeding the wires out of a PCI slot in the back, (mobo has 5 pci slots +1 agp, leaving an empty one) one of the PCI slot covers that came with my case has a small hole (definatly purposful), and i thought i could use that to feed the wires thorugh, and install the rocker on the other side... any suggestions?
  8. THat was b/c i was on a forum which was discussing the revisions of the Mobo. and i just copied the sig i used there, here. I corrected it now.
  9. This is the one i have, except mine's black. Very sleek, very cool, looks as expensive as it is (US$180), maybe even moreso. Directron.com has some cases (thats where i got mine).
  10. I dont know why you bring this up, and i already knew this too. it supports a total of 8 usb slots (some say 6... but i dono)2 onboard 6 via expansion ports to the PCI slots... (i dont know if it supports the front usb thing or not, but my case has 4 usb, a Firewire, mic in, line out, and the other audio thingy...) im not going to for this reason: http://forums.viaarena.com/messageview.cfm?catid=23&threadid=17002 ://http://forums.viaarena.com/messagev...threadid=17002 ://http://forums.viaarena.com/messagev...threadid=17002 ://http://forums.viaarena.com/messagev...threadid=17002 ://http://forums.viaarena.com/messagev...threadid=17002 i think i will leave a PCI slot open below the GPU (or put the USB slot there, or the MIDI from my sound card.)
  11. Take this: my bro's pos specs: (* indicate replaced parts b/c the store was POS and gave us crappy parts) P2 400 mhz (slotted, fan facing towards the front) *10 GB pos HD (they said that we couldnt ahve a HD this big in the comp when we replaced it b/c it died, even though they gave us the same sized one when we bought it) 64 mb pc100 crapram (now 192 b/c my bro asked why his machine was soooo slow. 128 stick from crucial) *win2K (from winme (crazy crash) to 98 (bad install) to win2k on 64 mb of ram) *56k modem (replaced twice i think...) *10/100 ethernet card (none when we bought it. now the drivers are too old for 2k., i lent him my usb-ethernet converter so we could play). *voodo 3 300 AGP or something like that... very dusty. (origional was like a 4 meg pos.) some crappy soundcard i cant even recognize, but i think i made out the creative labs "A" symbol. and a case w/no fans. (just noticed this 2 days ago when i installed the 128 mb stik from crucial) and a tiny air intake slot too small to fit his tiny teenaged fingers through... maybe you could slide 2 quarters in at once. Powersupply of unknown make/model/or wattage. has one fan (the only fan other then the cpu) that faces out. small slots (2 to 1.5" square area) for air intake. about the only decent part that came from the dealer not replaced is the 52x CDrom drive... my laptop: 1-year-old Dell Inspiron 8000 15" UXGA screen (1600x1200x32) 32MB GeForce2 Go PIII 700mhz 12x DVD (maybe 16... not sure) 320 mb ram. 10 GB hd. and no battery life. my in-the-works machine specs below
  12. oh, one more thing, does using the volcanoe 6cu and a thermal paste like AS3 void the Athlon's warentee? Ive heard this, but i dont know if it's true.
  13. I'm not big into overclocking (ya ya i know im going to hear bout that...) the main reason being taht i dont have the steady cash flow to repair/buy broken parts. And since you guys should know alot about heatsinks/overheating issues i thought i'd ask you. So heres my question: I am making this system: AMD Athlon XP 1900 Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (1.1 is the only one i can find in the stores, PLZ let me know if there is a site that is selling the 2.0's) MSI GeForce4 Ti 4600 512MB of DDR PC2100 RAM from Crucial 40 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor Quiet Drive 16x Lite-on DVD *32x CDRW (not sure on this one yet) Floppie internal zip drive Windows XP pro. Thermaltake Volcanoe 6CU 400 W Antec and a 12"-15" cool cathode light. and im wondering, as a non-overclocker, do you think that i'd be OK using the thermal pad included with the Volcano 6Cu? I was going to get the Artic Silver III but now that Gigabyte has revised their boards to add thermal protection, i dont think i need the extra precaution. I'm a careful person, but i make mistakes often, and i dont trust myself with high-risk activities like this. I live in the appalachine [or however the . you spell it] mountains so the hottest part of the day reaches around 90 f at max, and usually by that time we have the AC on. My case has good airflow (4 80mm case fans, 2 front across the bottom [w/hd rack there too] and 2 in the back, then 2 on the PSU (one down and one back...)) so that isnt a very big issue. another question i have is that the GeForce4 cards all have the fans facing downwards... Is there anything that i should be aware about with this? Should i leave a couple of PCI slots open and/or empty under it? any other comments would be appreciated as well. thanks,
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