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    |Pentium 4 2.8ghz @ 3.2ghz | PC2700 1.25gb of ram| Radeon X800XT PE| Audigy 2| 450w Vigor PSU|
  1. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    I believe the additional lock is bios related however, from what ive read it scans the bios number/model/code whatever it is and checks it with the original one so that it can make sure its a pro instead of xt , your pipes should be unlocked but I think flashing the bios might help...or so ive read anyway..
  2. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    But back on topic anyone know of any conductive resources or if a pencil trick will work in this situation? meanwhile I research possible " fish out of water" occasions maybe mine can unlock from a bios too.
  3. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    4 pipes = useful , and I hate to just let them sit there id rather put them to good use and im pretty sure I already voided warranty by either putting AS5 on my HS or flashing bios already. but read my modified post.
  4. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    What model is your card? That is interesting , Im pretty sure only vivo's didn't have the laser cut and tons of sources affirmed me. nevermind your sig says it all but on the otherside double check to make sure you dont have vivo , The only x800pro agp asus model I could find was this. " ASUS AX800PRO/TVD/256 Radeon X800PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Retail "
  5. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    no im pretty sure mine is, Ive already flashed to xt bios and [email protected] speeds, but no extra pipes. Only the Vivo cards have no laser cut , all non-vivo are laser cut.
  6. Buluen18

    X800pro Hardmod

    Hey all , I'm planning on hard-modding my powercolor x800pro (non-vivo) to unlock the extra 4 pipes but I must wait until a day or two to go buy the conductive paint to bridge the two points. anyone else know of normal household items that are conductive and could work? I was thinking maybe the pencil trick but after research alot of people say it will not work here.