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  1. matthewbolzicco

    Lite-on & Nec-3500 Mixup ?

    I will have to check into the bios...im actually a little bit of a noob with this new dfi bios..i will see if tinkering arround there does ne thing thanks
  2. matthewbolzicco

    Lite-on & Nec-3500 Mixup ?

    Negative, when i put in a blank dvd into the NEC that it thinks is the Lite-on it will say no media present, and for cds...i dont know about cd's i havnt burnt one or tried too. but both roms will read a disc..it just thinks one is the other?
  3. matthewbolzicco

    Lite-on & Nec-3500 Mixup ?

    Hey i recently reformatted and set up my cd roms as following: Primary: Lite-ON cd-r/dvd reader Secondary: Nec 3500-AG 16x dvd burner when i boot up and get into windows and check my computer..this is what i see: the problem is that the cd thats in the drive is in my Nec-DVD burner but windows is telling me its in the Lite-on cd rom? How come these drives are getting confused? Cheers, Matt
  4. matthewbolzicco

    Nec 3500-a Firmware Issues?

    Hey guys i recently reinstalled windows..changed my NEC dvd burner to secondary (it was primary) and made my LITE ON dvd reader primary. I tried using the regular firmware 2.16, 2.17 and then tried other versions up to 2.F8 however every time i put in a blank dvd to burn and try it with dvd decrypter all it says is "Device not ready (Medium not present)" why isn't it recognizing the blank dvd ?? it will read any other dvd or cd i put into the drive and play/run it fine.. only with my blanks its a problem. they are taiyo yuden ty-03 media code..and they worked before my format like a charm :S Help!!! Matt
  5. got the rig up and running on the standard bios that came with the cd..but updating it seems to be odd as i cant find the .bin file to flash it with winflash.exe and when i follow the instructions on the website to flash it using a floppy all works well until it says press f1 to reboot the system... and it wont reocgnize key strokes from my keyboard? when i press the reset button, it reboots but still shows hte same bios? where can i download the bin file for the latest NF4 Ultra-D bios so i can use winflash.exe?
  6. matthewbolzicco

    Dfi Nf4 Ultra-d Boot Problem..

    i have the 24 pin, 4 pin square, 6 pin molex for my card and 4 pin floppy yes.
  7. Hey all I just switched from an ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe to a DFI NF4 Ultra-d mobo and swapped everything in the rig find, but the system will only boot up when the wiring is not connected to the molex connector on the raedeon x800 pro im also running. When only one of the power connectors is on the molex it will boot up, and ill get all my fans going but still wont display a picture to my monitor, if i connect both of the power wise to the molex than the system will only display a red flash in the bottom right of the mother board for 1/2 a second, and not boot up. I am running an Antec 550W powersupply which leaves me lost as to what could be causing this problem. Matt
  8. Recently as i boot up and though the first 5 minutes of computing i have been hearing a little ticking sound comming from the rig, investigating i found it was the nf4 chipset fan. the noise stops when i gently touch the fan and it stops spinning but thats the only way it stops. Im only running at 1.475V so i dont think im juicin it too much..but what gives
  9. Every time i boot up and sometimes randomly the chipset fan starts makind an odd buzing noise..it only stops when i gently touch the fan and slow it down to a stop...?? Any idea what might cause this..heres a screenie of my gitch.
  10. matthewbolzicco

    Switching Mobo's

    . i guess i should open my eyes ...might see something. thanks
  11. matthewbolzicco

    Switching Mobo's

    hey i just got my new motherboard in and im looking foward to getting it installed on the rig im just wondering if i will be able to do the switch without reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows. Last time i tried the switch from an asus a7n8xe board to the asus a8n-sli deluxe it needed to be formatted....is there a trick to mobo swapping without a reformat? matt
  12. matthewbolzicco

    My A64 3200+ O/c

    the mobo has real problems running the ram past DDR490..so whatever my O/C im usin a divider to keep the ram under 245mhz.. im running it at 230 now which is pretty close, i can get closer to 245 but i have to loosen up the timings and for a little cpu increase (which im not to comfortable doing right now with stock cooling) 283-->295 HTT id have to loosen my ram settings alot PLUS bump my cpu voltage and on this mobo with this cooling its not gunna happen, when the dfi comes and the zalman 7700 cu ..it will be a blast! i will try those ram latencys thou, see if i get some luck with 1:1 that would be rediculious...ddr 588.. oh man
  13. matthewbolzicco

    My A64 3200+ O/c

    Ok so i finally found an o/c im happy with and its p95 stable. check it out. still running stock cooling but eventually im getting a zalman 7700cu so i will be able to push the HTT higher, also my DFI Nf4 Ultra-D is on route so that should give me plenty more options with more dividers and higher voltage options
  14. matthewbolzicco

    3000+ Venice Oc

    What divider were you using at 235? 10 im assuming? Try lowing your divider to 9 and pushing HTT to 250 260 270 280 until eventually one is unstable, then go back 5 mhz and try again. Furthermore remember to drop your HT to 3x ... rule of thumb is always to keep it under 1050 for your board, most ppl say 1000 but 1050 is fine. 250x3 = 750 so there u can rock out 4x but between 255-262 you will need to drop it to 3x... run all your o/c'ing at 2-3-3-7 1T and when you reach your max oc try and tighten the timings. im @ 283x9 which is 2.5 ghz ddr460 @ 2-3-2-7 1T and my rig pimped. repost any updates ! good luck
  15. matthewbolzicco

    Mobo Temps Spiking!

    yea everest WAS the program that i opend while i had mbm5 running and then the thing spiked from 35 to 78..but now every time i reboot its just 78...doesnt go back to 35 and spike when i open prorgrams - it just sits ther eand goes to 85 when i play counterstrike anyway to reverse what i did