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  1. I think i tried doing that with 10x200 and stepping the voltage up a couple times. I will try with 11x200 and see. Would the ram have that big of an impact on overclocking the CPU? the ram is running fine at 200mhz DDR and i did try clocking it back to 100mhz (just because i know my ram can handle that without a doubt) when trying to get my setup to run 9+x200 and it didnt have an impact. If the 11x200 + stepping the voltage works i will let you know! I should be getting a a7n8x MB in tomorrow so i will test the cpu out in that as well. thanks for the suggestions!
  2. I am not jumping 500Mhz. I run stable at 8.5x200 Mhz and i try going to 9x200 mhz - so the difference is 100Mhz. I was only saying i would like to run at 11 x 200 and that i have read that this can be easily done with the athlox xp-m 2400+. Also - i have tried differnent FSB speeds (previous post outlines working settings at 133 and 166 FSB) thanks!
  3. The following work 6 through 12.5 x 133 6 through 12.5 x 166 (12.5 x 166 idles at 36C) 13x133 = doesnt post 13x166 = is recognized at 833Mhz It seems like the cpu can handle higher speeds (12.5 x 166 = 2083 which is > 9 x 200 = 1800). any ideas? thanks
  4. yes - i have the newest bios. i believe the date, if memory serves, is 4/20/2005
  5. I am having trouble overclocking my cpu and was wondering if anyone could help isolate my problem my setup is as follows: 2400+ xp-m 45W MSI k7n2 delta2 series MB 2 x 512 Corsair Value Select memory (default timings) Sapphire 9500pro 128mb I am trying to get my chip to run at 11x200 (which seems entirely reasonable from all the things ive read). I am able to clock my chick at 8.5 x 200 = 1700mhz which is stable at 36C underload (1.58Vcore -- default) When i bump my multiplier to 9 my system wont even post/get video. I have to jumper reset the cmos. I've tried using only 1 stick of ram, clocked the ram down to 100mhz with the slowest timings, increasing the vcore slightly. Does anyone have any idea why i cant go higher than 8.5 x 200? I called MSI and they said that my MB doesnt officially support my the xp-m line however ive seen ppl report OCing to 11x200 with my MB. is there a new production line of 2400+ xp-m's that don't overclock? can i check this somehow? any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated! thanks!
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