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  1. here are some pretty interesting articles ive found, http://www.tgdaily.com/2005/07/08/dual_cor...ture_of_gaming/ ... & http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2377&p=3 .. seems weve forgotten that the xbox 360 & ps3 are both multi core consoles, this fact alone points to the future of dual core potential eventually being tapped into. now when developers for the unreal 3 engine mention using some functions for the 2nd core you know its coming soon... if physics are assigned to the cpu whats with the new ageia card hype all about ? yea unreal 3 is supporting physx too .. only reason not to get dual core is because of backward compatability & the possibility that the would-have been functions for the 2nd core are now being taken over by a physics processor . keep in mind dual core sales are growing stroner .. i still cant decide, i was planning on geting my cpu on friday
  2. the 6800gs is also 2x expensive, but there were rumors that the new 7xxx cards were all going to be released on same day, according to the inquirer, the 7300gs was released today and not just the specs like i had though . that means we may see the other 7xxx cards sooner, hope the 200$ range card comes with free games & more pipelines.. the 7300gs has some really nice features for 100$ have to admit
  3. have you guys been to the evga site lately, they have the specs for the 7300gs .... i was just about to buy a 6800gs when i stumbled across that.. the 7300gs seems to have some really nice clock speeds.. http://www.evga.com/articles/public.asp?AID=274 .. hope it comes with games too
  4. thank for the advice but i just realized the g71 is going to be rediculously priced, so im going to spend more now to keep me happy just a little longer (ability to play semi current games) to save up more money for the g71, ive decided to chnge it from 65$ to 100$.. have any recommendations around that price range
  5. ok heres a more specific question, what the best new pci-e vid card i can get under 65$, from what ive seen it would be the jaton 6200
  6. how bout this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspI...N82E16814139177 not nearly as good as a 9800 huh, oh well i guess i will just but some shoes
  7. well my friend has a 9800 all in wonder, so i wouldnt bother with something less than its gaming performance, am i asking too much for 65$ ? <_<
  8. well im waiting for g71 but cant wait till march, i need something around 65$ or less to allow me to setup my system & play atleast battlefield 1 reasonably well, i need a pcie card, any recommendations ?
  9. well the reason why you may have had a choppy game while encoding would be because both your cores are being used for both/all programs, now if vista & game companies can make it to where if a game is running it takes 1 whole core to itself & the other core for all other programs then the game would stay at the speed of one of the cores .. does anybody else see this thread has 0 views ?
  10. you guys are seeing it all the wrong way.. its not about opty vs sd .. its dual core against single core.. what matters is bang for your buck, thats why ppl turn to OC.. so my question is will a 3700+ overclocked to max on reasonable air fan always be faster than a dual core 3800+ oc'ed as much as possible, for running normal computer operations & a resource consuming game ? and are the differences really that noticeably different ... personally i plan on running 1 video game, d/l client, win amp, maybe recording off a tv tuner & multiple IE windows all at same time, most of all i want it all to run as smoothly as possible since i will be using a dual monitor setup, im a perfectionist with a budget.. will vista unlock the power of dual core 64bit
  11. im looking for a cpu for my new system, ive got a jetway 939 sli mobo, i was looking at getting either 3700 + or x2 3800+ ... both cpu's are 64 bit, we still havent seen many games taking advantage of 64bit so if it takes this long to get 64 bit processing enabled then it wouldnt make much sense to get a dual core in hopes that in future games will take advantage of dual core .... i know how some of you ppl just believe single core is way for games but (for example)the 1st core to be focused on just the game while the 2nd core will be running all other computer functions .. then you will notice a performance gain.. but vista will more than likely take full advantage of 64 bit & dual core right ? so is it worth 100$ to get x2 ? my mobo does support it right..
  12. well have you been to for forums at the xfx site ... you will see how many poor gamers are stuck with a fan at 100% all the time. & the 4 pin molex instead of 6 pcie ... those reviews on newegg are useless . check this out http://www.xfxforce.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=28 . poor gamers dont be one of them
  13. well is it normal for nvidia to release the midrange cards(g72) way after releasing the high end card(g71).. the g72 would be looking at an early summer launch .. by then vista would have been out a few months & the g72 would have to support dx10 or no one will bother getting them.. anybody have any info on the g72 rather than the g71 ? ... also i read that ati's 580 is alot bigger than the 520, its more than likely that all the new cards are going to be bigger than the ones out currently even though they are 90nm.. hope everybody has a big case
  14. well i've been reading that ati's new video card will be released around jan 26th ... i would think nvidia would be realesing their g71 in early feb. well im currently looking at a 300$ price range for a video card and especially at the 7800gt ... the g72 is going to be the next mid range card.. anybody have any info or educated guesses on how long it will take the g72 to be on sale on newegg. ?and would "mid-range" be in the 450$ range
  15. ok bigred. you are saying xfx buys their cards from evga ? weird.. well its too much of a gamble, unless xfx does a 180 with their prblms(mainly fan at100% all the time) with the blk7800gt im going for evga.. its too bad i would really prefer the xfx . i prefer silence over aesthetics
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