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    AMD 64 3400+
    2 x 512 mb Geil 2.5-3-3-6
    BFG 6600GT
    120gb WD Cavier 8mb Cache
    ECS 760-M Rev1.1 Mobo
    Philips 1640 DVD-RW
  1. I might give that a go actually. I'll try not to put too many games on till I can get a better size sata drive.
  2. Easily the best of the lot...40 Gb, 7200, 8 mb SATA. I usually have a lot of games installed - 30ish gig of the SATA normally (and more on the system drive!) so prefer to have quicker load times in these. I don't do that much in Windows really so it'd be a waste having it installed on the SATA with my games on the IDE.
  3. Thanks. I really want a decent size SATA but I'm broke! This will do for the time though...
  4. I'm preparing to rebuild my PC after getting a new motherboard - A DFI LAN Party UT NF3 250Gb and have a choice of two hard drives to install windows on. One is a Maxtor Diamondmax 16, 5400 rpm, 2 mb cache, ATA133 and the other is an IBM Deskstar, 7200 rpm, 2 mb cache, ATA100. One has a faster interface and the other a faster spindle speed and I'm not too sure which will give me best performance. I also have a 40 Gb SATA drive which I intend to load my games to, so I have decent load times. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Tried the CMOS jumper allready with no joy. Does anyone know what the beeps singnify?
  6. I performed a BIOS update on my ECS 760-M 1.1 motherboard using Winflash and all appeared well except on startup I had appeared to lose the AMD cool'n'quiet feature. The CPU fan was on max constantly. I checked in the Bios it was enabled - it was - and looked for any other settings which may have changed and there were none. I had only performed the update as I was intending making a cheapish system based on this board with the new Rev E6 semprons when I bought a new NF4 MOBO for my 754 AMD64 CPU (which is why I'm not panicking too much). The fans were p-ing me off so I thought I would revert to the original BIOS I had saved until the update was needed. Set the Flash utility running, left the room for a bit, came back and saw what I thought was the restart now message, hit restart, read the message properly for the couple of seconds it was still on screen and kicked myself for not doing this first. It said something along the lines of 'verification unsuccesful' and now, unsuprisingly, it refuses to boot. I just get constant loud beeps at a rate of about 3-4 a second. Is there any easy way back from here or do I go and get that new MOBO sharpish!
  7. Just a quick thank you for everyones suggestions. Got home yesterday and found the four extra pins do have a tiny clip allowing them to be detached from the other 20. Fitted the PSU fine and my PC boots correctly so all is well!!
  8. Thanks for the suggetions. I've been posting this from work so I'll check the connector when I get back home. I'm pretty sure this will be the case as I've found the PSU advertised as being 20/24 pin here http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw...gory_oid=-23914
  9. Sorry about the double post - wasn't sure which topic was best so thought I'd try both!! Which pins would I break off? I'd thought that but none of the colours on the wires match. The new PSU is a Jeantech 400W cheapish one. The original was what came with the case and is not named I don't think. Pretty sure there is no malware on my system and I only installed XP a couple of months ago. I have ran Memtest overnight with no fault found and I have tried all my cards in a diff pc (6600GT and a X-Fi soundcard). I'm intending to get a new MOBO anyway soon. I need one with Skt 754 with both PCI-E and AGP so I can eventually upgrade my graphics card. I know there are a few MOBO's like this, any recommendations would be appreciated.
  10. I had had some trouble with my PC freezing and not booting correctly which I believe I have traced to a dodgy PSU. It would boot up ok but wouldn't load all of my task bar icons and the processor appeared to run at about 1/3 speed, confimed by doing some graphics benchmarks, whatever setting used in FEAR gave exact same results (I didn't have a reference 2D benchmark to compare). Restarting the machine allowed it to boot the same way, but turning it off and turning the PSU power switch on and off and then rebooting allows it to boot OK and perform correctly. If anyone has any other suggestions on this then please let me know. Anyway, I've bought a nice new PSU, went to install it and my MOBO has a 20-pin connection, the PSU has a 24-pin. I've seen convertors for the opposite situation for people with new MOBO's and old PSU's which boost the 20 pins on the PSU to 24 pins. I would like to know if the opposite one is available, which would reduce the 24 pins on my PSU to 20 pins so I can attach it to my MOBO. I've searched the net and can't find anything. If anyone knows where you can get one - PLEASE post a link to it. Thanks Keith
  11. I have tried both ports with similar results. I am thinking something is faulty with the sata controller on the MOBO. Can I check this anyway?
  12. Thought of that but none available....that I could find anyway!
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions I know I can't set up RAID with a single drive. I had tried every combination of options in my BIOS so I thought that I'd give it a go. I have had the drive checked and it formatted fine on another PC. In my BIOS it had detected the size of the drive as only 9MB, in the RAID BIOS it was 0MB. I have the newest version of XP w/ SP2 so it is poss the SATA drivers are on there. The trouble is that floppy or not, setup hangs before you 'press enter to setup XP, F3 to exit' etc. It does not say it cannot detect Mass storage device unless I press f6 when prompted. Also, what concerns me most is that when booting XP from a IDE drive w/sata connected Windows will not load. It gets to the main Windows XP screen, but freezes. The blue progress bar never moves. Removing the sata and it boots ok. I have sata mode as IDE, not RAID, boot priority correct (it does start to boot from the IDE). I have tried every permetation of boot priority etc anyway. I'm thinking a broken sata controller on my MOBO. How would I be able to confirm this? I thought it was OK as the drive was detected in my BIOS. When digging further and it said capacity was <9MB (Knowing drive was ok) I've figured it must be a MOBO fault. It is a ECS 760-M, Rev 1.1 (manual available on website with all Bios options explained) I'm ready to throw the towel in and part ex it for an IDE drive!!!!!!!! So any ideas to save me doing this would be very much appreciated.
  14. I'm trying to install XP home SP2 onto a new WD Cavier SATA HD and It's causing me great pain. I got my floppy ready with drivers from my mobo's website (ECS 760-M Rev 1.1), stuck my xp cd in, hit f6, stuck in my floppy and hit enter. It then flashed up the original request to 'Insert manufaturers disk etc'. I have made countless combinations of floppys where I have copied the entire 'Disc Image' folder, copied the contents and copied all the files to the root of the floppy. I have downloaded the latest drivers from the SIS website for the RAID controller (SIS 764/180) and made the same combination of floppies with these drivers. I may be making the floppy disc wrong so if anyone can shed any light on that I'd be grateful. Whatever floppy I use, windows refuses to read it. If I don't use a floppy, the setup hangs before you get to the first option screen for partitioning the drive. It doesn't report it can't find a mass storage device unless I press f6 when prompted. It is read fine in my BIOS and I have triploe checked every setting and these are correct to the best of my knowledge (SATA enanbled, SATA mode IDE, Boot other device enabled, Boot order CD, Floppy, HD) I thought I would be sneaky and install windows on a IDE hard drive, install the drivers through windows and migrate the HD image to the SATA drive. So I found an old and creaky 7 gb HD, set it up, unplugged my SATA drive and windows installed perfectly. Not a problem. Installed the drivers that I'd downloaded from ECS site. Installed fine. Checked in hardware manager and SIS RAID controller was there, device working properley. Connected my SATA drive, booted into windows and it just hangs at the Windows XP loading screen. The picture loads but the blue progress bar doesn't move. The next time I boot into windows it gives me the option of booting into safe mode, last known good config, normal and nothing works. Remove the SATA drive and all is OK. I have also done the same with the new SIS drivers and no joy. It is now driving me mad! I know it sounds like my SATA drive may be faulty, but it was brand new and I've read countless reports about what a nightmare setting up SATA is so I want to be sure there is nothing I've missed. Is there any way of testing my drive in my current situation (My other pc has no SATA connections). Sorry about the massive post but I didn't want to leave any thing out! One thing I forgot to mention is that I tried changing the SATA mode in my BIOS from IDE to RAID. When I restarted it went into the RAID BIOS set up screen. It detected the single sata drive but gave a disc size of 0GB. Would this be correct? The drive is an OEM model and I havn't formated it and neither has windows as it has never detected it during install. When I save and close this screen it boots back to the windows home screen where it hangs like before. I've still got my IDE HD in to boot into windows with. Again, remove the SATA drive and all is fine. Thanks for any ideas! Keith
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