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  1. Welcome tempestuous. I'm one of the females here and I'm also the oldest person. The OCCer that said he never saw or met a female computer geek, my picture is posted, you just have to find it. ace
  2. Sacramento KINGS I didn't vote in your poll. My team wasn't listed.
  3. 3am - 4am for me. I don't have anything else to do but surf the net and play Scrabble against my Pocket PC. ace
  4. I've eaten dog, I don't know what breed but it wasn't bad, Monkey and Sea Slug in Brown Sauce. I spent 2 months in Taiwan and the first place I went when I got to Hong Kong was McDonald's. It was the best Mickey D's I've ever tasted.
  5. Are you the 12 year old?
  6. I win, I'm the oldest!!! I'm 50 and still looking good.
  7. 1. Why don't chickens wear underwear? Chickens don't wear underwear 'cause their peckers are on their face. 2. Kansas is so flat, a farmer's dog ran away and he watched it for 3 days. My clean jokes. ace
  8. I guess I'll change mine to "Women can overclock." ace
  9. I had a Powmax. The 3.3v rail was all over the place. I have a Truecontrol 550 now. ace
  10. I bought a 4mp Canon Powershot S400 for $305 with free FedEx express shipping at OneCall.com. It takes great pictures plus it's an Elf so it fits most pockets and small bags. ace
  11. I use the Al-Cu and it works great. The temps are about like the ones in the message above. ace
  12. acecafe


    I took that test and scored a 150. I scored 180 on the official IQ test. I started college at 16 but emotional/social, intellectual and chronological aspects didn't sync up until I was about 23. I would rather have graduated when I was supposed to. There's a big difference between a 15 year old and a 18 year old. The school officials wanted to advance me so I would graduate at 14, man, that would have been ugly.As it was, I scored in the 94 percentile on the National Merit Scholarship Exam, 94% of the kids that took the test scored lower than me, I had 15 full scholarships and my mother made me turn the all down. It really sucked, I was a minor and had no rights. ace
  13. Buy.com is having a sale on Lexar 40x 256Mb CF. I just bought a Lexar 12x 256Mb for $59 with free shipping but that sale might be over. I think they ship international. I know Mobile Planet ships international. I bought it for my new Canon Powershot S400. ace
  14. I'm a member at the following: OCC Brighthand PocketPCPassion PocketPCThoughts GPSPassion Yahoo-SilverWing Yahoo-Ripflash DigitalMediaThoughts and a few others I don't frequent very much.
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