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  1. I don't know if it relates, but when I had LDT multi to 4x with higher HTT most non 3D benchmark stuff worked fine, but once I kicked in 3d05, all hell broke loose, I got 16 FRAMES TOTAL in Game Test 2 with 7800GTX and opteron @ almost 3.6GHz...
  2. Well my CABNE 148 is up on Ebay, so no fear everyone no more increases in my numbers you can still make it!
  3. I hope so too... I want to see someone take down nrg on air
  4. I almost touched 3.6GHz last night for 1M just 6MHz off... didn't take a screen shot though waiting for the 3.6 to do the happy dance
  5. Here, http://2cooltek.com/product_info.php?cPath...products_id=285 less than 150 I bought one (not SE) for the looks of water cooling, i didn't really like it, the SE looks slightly improved but I can't be sure, its definitely the cheapest if its what you want I'm not going to argue with you, good luck!
  6. could you post an a64 tweaker shot for your other settings also?
  7. Well, for one thing those x.5 multipliers are a little bit strange, you might want to check in clockgen or cpu-z and see what the actual memory speeds are ending up. I had many strange stability issues having it like very specific settings on my deluxe board as well
  8. If you set the 333MHz divider, you aren't actually running your ram at 333MHz once you get up to 313 HTT, you are probably running it somewhere near 500 mhz (just from experience too lazy to calculate) don't know much about 4 dimm overclocking but this may be your problem.
  9. Well, I got a brand new cooler from Jin, who happens to build wonderful phase units integrated into lian li v2000 cases, and got some nice improvements Without further ado, new 1M and 32M for 148, and dual 32M for 170
  10. just a warning... get ready to add a few mhz to all my scores!
  11. w/e dude no underhanded attacks at me =) phase change #2 almost finished http://photobucket.com/albums/a270/djaziz/...nt=5c296068.jpg
  12. Here, I'll put in two more cpus to battle against nrg for 1M This too
  13. well if it comes down to a bidding war, you can have it, I can always go with new stuff and I'm actually going to build my first unit this or next week with the help of another experienced builder in southern california and have some fun with that =)
  14. here's my old pc thread http://forums.overclockersclub.com/?showto...having+some+fun i've also got some new pix over on www.benchaddix.com under the phase change section which I will leave there for you to pursue yourselves if you're interested to see=)
  15. Yep, I go with the push it up and screw it down hard approach, also if you route your tubing in such a way that it supports the weight of the block some, it also helps.
  16. http://photobucket.com/albums/a270/djaziz/...34-CPUGraph.gif
  17. I'm going to have to go w/ nerm here, 3.6 is not typical AT ALL, 3.2 on air would also be VERY impressive overclock. I say if you reach 3.1 with some stability, be happy. Also, DFI is good, apparently the a8n32sli from asus is actually pretty good as well.
  18. compressor for displacement/gas/pressure info would be nice, condition of condensor and/or evaporator, whatever you have basically. And to other poster, I do not NEED anything, but I was going to build a few phase units of my own and wouldn't mind using some used parts for that for practice.
  19. Let me Chime in here since I've done peltiers and have direct die phase change and I am also going to do more of this. First off, I spent approx $1000 to make two cooling loops using peltiers. On a 1.55V san diego process chip, this netted me 30C loaded temperatures (horrible)! (with a 226W peltier and 2C greater than ambient liquid cooling the hot side). For anywhere between $550 and $1000 you can get a phase change cooler for your cpu (depends on custom made or retail plus features) which will allow you to go much higher in voltage and much farther in overclocking with idle temperatures of about -25C or less in windows and load depending highly on the vcore (anywhere from maybe -20 to +5 going from 1.55 to 1.7+ volts on san diego) Using phase change to cool a peltier (didn't read that you wanted to do this with water, where it might work but your temps won't be much if any better than a direct die phase change unit) will not gain you a significant benefit as the device physics of the peltier will be altered at extremely low hot side temperatures, also most phase change coolers do not have the capacity to effectively cool 250+W of heat load that a peltier will put out so you're really just wasting money on that. As far as using a refrigerator to cool a liquid, this is quite common and known as a liquid chiller, basically you put the evaporator of like an a/c unit submersed into the liquid. These units can be designed for high capacity, and used to cool more than one device (cpu + gpu) with one compressor. This is really something you can do for yourself but you need to read around! Okay that's all the info I have for you unless you have specific questions =)
  20. or put some newspaper on the carpet? I'll add the times to this post in an edit.
  21. he's right, its in my sig, chilly1 single stage phase change and I'm going to build my own to do a little better, I also have a dry ice container ready for some more coldness. I just wanted to beat nrg because in his original post he said ppl would need phase to beat him, just wanted to show that it was not just a small victory. That's a suicide screen, i can pi 1M at about 3520, 32M at 3470 or so, i'll probably post up a prime95 in the low 3.3Ghz range OCCT torture i'll pass on The water cooled peltiers now go onto my 7800gtx sli setup, I have to rebuild this as I took apart the case to do some mods. I should quite easily clear 16k in 3dmark05 with this setup and yes as the sig says, I'm using Mushkin Redline VX memory
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