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    : Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego :
    : Asus A8N SLI Deluxe :
    : OCZ Platinum DDR600 :
    : BFG GeForce7800GTX SLI :
    : DangerDen TDX D5 BIX3 :
  1. I don't know if it relates, but when I had LDT multi to 4x with higher HTT most non 3D benchmark stuff worked fine, but once I kicked in 3d05, all hell broke loose, I got 16 FRAMES TOTAL in Game Test 2 with 7800GTX and opteron @ almost 3.6GHz...
  2. Well my CABNE 148 is up on Ebay, so no fear everyone no more increases in my numbers you can still make it!
  3. I hope so too... I want to see someone take down nrg on air
  4. I almost touched 3.6GHz last night for 1M just 6MHz off... didn't take a screen shot though waiting for the 3.6 to do the happy dance
  5. Here, http://2cooltek.com/product_info.php?cPath...products_id=285 less than 150 I bought one (not SE) for the looks of water cooling, i didn't really like it, the SE looks slightly improved but I can't be sure, its definitely the cheapest if its what you want I'm not going to argue with you, good luck!
  6. could you post an a64 tweaker shot for your other settings also?
  7. Well, for one thing those x.5 multipliers are a little bit strange, you might want to check in clockgen or cpu-z and see what the actual memory speeds are ending up. I had many strange stability issues having it like very specific settings on my deluxe board as well
  8. If you set the 333MHz divider, you aren't actually running your ram at 333MHz once you get up to 313 HTT, you are probably running it somewhere near 500 mhz (just from experience too lazy to calculate) don't know much about 4 dimm overclocking but this may be your problem.
  9. Well, I got a brand new cooler from Jin, who happens to build wonderful phase units integrated into lian li v2000 cases, and got some nice improvements Without further ado, new 1M and 32M for 148, and dual 32M for 170
  10. just a warning... get ready to add a few mhz to all my scores!
  11. w/e dude no underhanded attacks at me =) phase change #2 almost finished http://photobucket.com/albums/a270/djaziz/...nt=5c296068.jpg
  12. Here, I'll put in two more cpus to battle against nrg for 1M This too
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