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  1. hey , no one ripped him off call ups it takes n e where from 2 - 6 weeks to process a claim. Im a good buyer / seller. Im trying to work as fast as they let me . I insured the card for $300 so thats what they get back. I took them the reciept and proof of value to the ups store and filed the claim , the guy said I should hear something with in 2 weeks. thanks sorry that i didn't psot before.
  2. ohio, she got some fine friends , at college if your in the indiana holla at me i get you one.
  3. Hey guys I've been pm'd a couple of times of the girl in my avatar thats, my baby girl. thanks i post some good ones when i get home tonight, lol
  4. nice looking case. I wish I could get a rig like that. Keep up the good mods.
  5. yea the x800gt looks very promising too. I woiuld go with the xi800gt . keep us informed
  6. just take baby steps with overclocking , just make sure you alwayz have proper cooling. too. I watch other people thats the best way to learn is to read posts on how other people are making overclocks
  7. i thought the xbox 360 was all wireless .
  8. I need a 7200 rpm hard drive something 20-80 gig for my main rig that my hard drive just crashed. thanks pm me a price
  9. my buddy has one i will see if you can borrow it. least i can do to help. x300 gt pci-e
  10. here get this it will be about 2x as better than that card get the refurb 9800 pro it will be ok , and newegg warranties it for a while. get this and you play every game out there decent. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16814102477R have fun.
  11. ywa its good ram, I would try to get the ram timmings to 2-2-2-5 by upping the volts maybe you might be able to hit it. If not just raise your voltage those OCZ chips love to have the voltage pushed. But probably to get the most out of your ram you want to get a better board , or better bios for overclocking somewhere.
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