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    Asus K8N Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64 3000 (stock)
    1GB Corsair DDR400 PC3200 (512x2)
    GeForce 6600GT
    Fortron 350w Power Supply
  1. coolahaNx

    Stability Problem..

    uhh so basically i hit 2.3... thing is i set my vcore to 1.575v and it basically runs stable at 1.55v with peaks up to 1.568v... this is probably because of my 8 fans tho lol... although my oc is stable now at 2.3 havent pushed any further yet... heres some pics.
  2. coolahaNx

    Stability Problem..

    i've tried upping the vcore to 1.55 @ 2.3 (didnt change the stability, i even tried this before posting the first time)... and i'm using a divider getting to 2.25 in the first place.. as far as ram voltage... its at 2.6 right now.. i increased the interval by a tenth for 2.25... would increasing my ram voltage even higher help stability of my computer... i'm using default timings for my ram... 3-4-4-7 1T.. i didnt know that ram had an effect on a CPU stability test.... and yes i do have an HTT multi.. but if i run it under the default 800mhz would it hurt it? ie: 240fsb * 3ht multi would be 720 .. would this not make it run slower? any more information needed i can provide.. please help me out guys i know my stuff is more capable then 2.25.. lol thx edit: what is really the highest voltage is should ever *test* for stability with my core/ram
  3. coolahaNx

    Stability Problem..

    Okay so basically when I oc my cpu once i hit 2.3 it becomes unstable.. i'm out of ideas on what else i should try... everything runs fine but the test says my cpu will generate errors.. bo prithme95 and occt will not run... my temps are perfect even when i set my cpu at 240x10 my idle is at 32c im running 225x10 @ 1.5v.. ram at 2.6v 3-4-4-7 and its perfectly stable any ideas.. i would like to break past 2.3... makes me look bad when i cant even get a oc past 2.3 lol.. comp info in sig... THX
  4. coolahaNx

    Best Graphics Cooling?

    hell on my 6600gt i just added as5 to my stock one.. brought me down 5c from original temps and now im overclocked from a 500/1000 to a 580/1180
  5. coolahaNx

    First Mod Ever!

    link doesn't work for me either. edit: link worked... pics suck cant see anything..
  6. coolahaNx

    Overclocking My Athlon 64 3000+

    from your post i've gathered that you have some sort of water cooling on a a64 3000+ 939 pin... we'd need to know what kind of ram you have and what your starting temperatures are before we could go much further.. p.s. and i know that most people are gonna tell you just read... and i'll tell you my self.. thats how i learned.. so get to reading up! :thumbs-up:
  7. coolahaNx

    What Do You Think?

    see thats what my ram does too... even when i set it manuallly it doesnt run at 400mhz....
  8. coolahaNx

    What Do You Think?

    On air, what do you think I could run stable and at the max with my following parts that I run... Asus K8N A64 3000+ 754pin w/ Artic Freezer 64 w/ as5 on it. 1GB of Corsair PC3200 Value Select
  9. coolahaNx

    Unlocking Pipelines

    Well doesn't that suck lol.. thanks alot.
  10. coolahaNx

    Unlocking Pipelines

    I was wondering if it is possible to unlock extra pipelines etc on the XFX Nvida 6600GT that I've had for a while now.. I am currently oc'n the core and memory right now to 570/1.14ghz thru coolbits but im now wondering about unlocking pipelines.. any information you can help me out with?
  11. coolahaNx

    Compound Or No Compound?

    no .... they really are...
  12. coolahaNx

    Pci Express

    okay i thought it was saying it had a special connector.. i was like wtf? thanks
  13. coolahaNx

    Pci Express

    do pci express x16 cards need a special power connector from the psu? i just ran across a psu that said it had a pci express power connector and i was like
  14. coolahaNx

    Starting To Get Annoyed With Temps

    try using some artic silver 5 as a start on your new heatsink.
  15. quick and easy answer... yes.