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  1. if you use the right amount of AS5 and evenly spread it that can take off 2-3, but only if you have thuroughtly cleaned all thermal paste off. Lapping your HS can also take a good amount off. I lapped mine and got ~7 degrees off. You need to have ALLOT of patience, buy one of the kits, and set aside three hours and you can prolly get even more off
  2. Age has nothing to do with your knowledge. Anyway, even if someone did have SAME components, unless they where made the same exact day, same revision, same BATCH, your OC settings would still have to very.
  3. cull

    Im back :)

    hahaha, wasnt the point, but Im working on a new one -- with updated specs
  4. 40%? No. A noticeable increase in CPU intensive tasks? Yes.
  5. cull

    Im back :)

    SIG IS NOT REQURIED!?!?! TIS BlASPHEMY! Haha, anyway, I will make a new one.
  6. I found a great OCDB entry for my system, and based my whole OC around that, grantetd I worked for about a month on and off on timings.
  7. SIg needs to be updated with opty 165 -- just realized that opty 165 doesnt go above 9... sorry
  8. Well, I was on a few month hiatus for a while, but Im back! Fresh after RMAing my CPU, Mobo, RAM, and PSU!
  9. Yes, I am waiting. I saw a tech demo and it seemed pretty cool. No benchmark apps where allowed to be ran. If your just doing gaming, you don't NEED it, you just 'need' it. Unless you are doing 1080p video editing, a dual core will do you just fine. BTW -- Never built intel either(except for customers)
  10. Hey guys, I jsut RMAd my board and decided to re-OC it, but I realized the highest multiplier I have is 9 :S any recomendations, like should I keep these BIOS or go for ones that let me go above that 9? thanks
  11. Avon Lake - Rich yuppy teenagers on coke. We had a porn star, playmate of the month... next town over the wife on Everybody Loves Raymond, then a little further over (cleveland) Hallie Barry
  12. Hi, I have been told that DFI has no plans to make BIOS for the LanParty UT NF4 SLI-D. Only problem is that with Vista, if you use sleep with that board, the system is very ahrd to get out of sleep. If anyone has the knowledge to make a fix it would be greatly appreciated
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