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  1. haha that was so funny, i love the crack spider
  2. yeah it sucks, he played down here for OSU RIP Darrent
  3. heres what i would like to do: start off by starving him for 2 weeks, then give all of the familes of people he had killed a blunt object not powerful enough to kill him but on the borderline, they all get 10 wacks at him. Then we castrate him and make him eat his own .... you get that part, then we get a blowtorch and lightly go over his body, just getting rid of his hair. Feed him the camel **** of the own camel he ******. Drown him, but not kill him (forgot proper name for this). Then like fast and the furious 2, put him in a tight metal case with a lot of rats, and heat it up so the rats bite the living **** out of him, then get a pizza roller and slowly but not deeply cut him, get a firing line of nail guns, and shoot his feet, then take them out. Then a tarantula will be put on his face, biting the living **** out of him. Then from matilda (yes i know i cant come up with my own stuff) put him in a coffin with spkies slowly going in and out (not penetrating the skin just like needles going in and out). Then get a firing range with every gun known to man, and shoot him 100 times with every gun. Thats my idea =)
  4. well, i have my bedroom wall and theres, and there closet wich is small, not alot of metal in the way, but they do have safes, firearms etc in there but i doubt that that would affect it. i have great signal, all the way max
  5. sorry if this is bringing an old topic up my library has 10517 items, 62.6 days, 47.72 gigabytes http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o26/fer.../omgwtfhaha.jpg ^ screenie
  6. Post 'em here folks, if you want to that is. Mine is... to live life
  7. im layed back, im not doing anything else than i would normally. but honestly it wouldnt surprise me if they broke up before awhile
  8. im just being myself man, shes coming on to me, besides my friend sorta likes this one other girl, ive stayed up till 5am with her talking/texting. i took her to a movie tonight (night at the museum) and she didnt tell him. im just being my self
  9. Well... i like my friends girlfriend. i had the biggest crush on her 5th grade through 8th grade. basically we have pretty much the same exact interests, i mean pretty much dead on. They never talk on the phone, and I've talked to her probably 12 hours in the past 5 days. One night, she took some of her medicine and it caused her to stay up ALL night, not sleeping. Alot got revealed that night, she had a crush on me 5th through 8th grade. She says she likes me, but she wont say (but i know she does deep down) that she "likes" me. I've told her that i "like" her. She always says im cute etc etc. Basically I like my friends girlfriend. Im in a jam
  10. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Now now, not everyone get TOO drunk on new years, god nows one of my bros will be plastered, and i myself will have a few to drink.
  11. Well, we just got internet back at my casa again, so i do a speedtest, and an amazing 1.2 megaBYTES/second, so we hook the wireless, and i run a speed test with that, and only 553 KBytes/sec. Is it really that bad of a difference? im in the next room over, literaly 30ft (at max) from the router. Any tips/suggestions?
  12. can anyone say car wreck? hahahah, cisco just OWNED apple thats pretty funny, great buisiness there cisco
  13. HAHA the africa made milk come out of my nose, and the japan one was hillarious
  14. forgot to say that its turned down low in PS but my hand isnt slow, i dunno i guess im content with my current one and how in the deuce do you overclock a mouse?
  15. yeah i have it on 1600 dpi all the time, its not just in gaming, but moving across the desktop, photoshop, and just general use. i guess ill check out the G5 and yes everything in the control pannel is at max
  16. well, i have the Logitech mx518 1600 dpi mouse, and it is too slow, i was wondering if there is a faster one out there, people may say its too fast, but i need a faster one. thanks
  17. i got my mom a massage for her birthday, maybe in your town they have them for that much. make her somthing like a candle holder
  18. Please, let this be broadcasted on national news
  19. Ok, many of you might think that its not coming... WRONG!! I recently went to www.theboondocksaints.com and there was a message from Troy Duffy, stating that the reason it hasent been in production was because of lawers etc. but there is the link to the movie Horray!
  20. well, today is my birthday (yay me), and i am not of the legal age to work. I was wondering what some jobs are.. sacking groceries isn't my thing. But other than that, you guys think you can list some jobs for a young chap?
  21. FergJob


    well im back, hospital since i posted that first mabober, god most ive been drugged in awhile.. i had 50mg of PURE benadrill since i got hives on one of the anti-biodics but im doin ALOT better now
  22. FergJob


    well 2 days ago, my 8 pound palamarainen totaly mauled me. cut a gash 1.5/2 inch in my foot and .5/1 inch deep. had 5 stitches (was gona be 10 but they spaced them out) well, ive been taking care of it etc, but it seems that i have gotten cellutitus (inflamation of the skin) im taking ogmentin and i was wondering if anyone knew how to make this go down? im going to doc in about 3hr. any advice from anyone here?
  23. Swifty, america isnt the safest country in the world: england is i belive... and another, richest country in the world, we have the most powerfull armed forces
  24. thats great, if you go to iraq, etc etc good thing to know: last one in first one out, but marines, phew first one in last one out. im either going to air force or army>special forces> green beret
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