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    asau a7v8x-x or msi k7n2 delta2
    athlon 2500xp overclocked
    1 ghz ddr333 or 400 ram
    radeon 9800
    sony dvd writer
    memorex cd writer
    Tt lanfire case
    dell 21" monitor
  1. rustyzipper

    Ps2 Help

    take it apart and clean the lens with alcohol and a q-tip!
  2. take it apart and clean the lens with alcohol and a q-tip! sony was going to charge me because i kept getting disc read errors........searched the web,found a site that explained in detail and it works like new!!!!!!!!
  3. looking to buy( or possible trade,a canon power shot sd-10 digital elph camera) a video card. maybe a ati 9600 or something along those lines.if i am outta line about the trade thing,SORRY!
  4. do you still have the 2800? looking to build my wife a puter so i can free the hostage of mine! is so, how much?
  5. and then send it to manufacturer!!
  6. i told the tech guy a few people on this forum said memorex suxs and he said "i agree" told me to use TDK- SONY- VERBATIM. these are what he uses with no problem!!! Thanx!: taking all my memorex cd's and putting under furniture legs so they will move with little or no effort!!!
  7. i said i would post my results.......sony tech support said to switch media and then run their disc check utility. after a long day at work, i'm HAPPY to report that Memorex dvd's are the problem!!!!!!!!! i switched to Tdk and was able to burn and access the dvd with no problems whatever to everyone who responded to my prior post: A BIG THANK YOU! without you guys i would probably sent my burner back for no reason! guess it proves that no matter how good you think you are,someone out there is just a little better! once again, THANKS! :thumbs-up:
  8. thanks for the help guys.......since most of the replys have been about discs i yhink i will switch to TDK and see what happens.........hard to believe the difference between 2 cd's can be the cause of all this........i always thought a disc is a disc is a disc! will keep everyone informed........look for me to post results in this topic post!!!
  9. why do you have to call someone an idiot? it is a dual format drive......i know what i got!!!!!!! I SAID.......it worked before sp-2..........read the post godmode117 sony dru710-a dual format, dual layer dvd-cd-r writer!!!!!
  10. it was working fine up to the point i installed service pack 2.........wondering if i should uninstall it and see if it works then!!!
  11. i think i will switch to a different brand of media........if that don't work.......RMA
  12. sony dru710-a will burn data all day to a cd-r but not to a dvd. using nero 6 i try to format a disc or erase a dvd and about 3/4 of the way through i get the error message:disc read failure ensure disc is clean and not scratched. the discs i use are memorex dvd-rw. they are brand new and the disc i try to erase are the same.(trying to get rid of old data) any help would be appreciated!
  13. before i had no problem burning files to dvd..............flashed the update and now the compatibility issues that the flash was supposed to take care of now has reared it's ugly head.............burning has become a problem. like not reading discs,telling me disc is full when in fact it's a brand new disc, telling me i can't erase disc when it's a re-writable disc, and so on. it's not nero because it burns to cd-rw no problem. i suppose it could be the media. maybe i'll get new dvd's and check them first. maybe it's the burner (sony dru-710a) i just don't know!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. is it possible to go backwards on a dvd burner! i found a website that had firmware updates that go backwards
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