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  1. so I just started OCing again and I raised my clock about 10 Mhz and now it wont boot from either the HD or the CD rom, I reset the bios about 4 times tried different boot configurations and still nothing. the bios detects all drives they just don't boot if I need to give more info just reply to let me know I will be checking every few minutes probably any help is greatly appreciated
  2. does anyone know where I can find extremely detailed specs on cars for free?
  3. I am going to run 8 guage so that I can add more amps in the future for the rest of my speakers and possibly a car computer in the sort of distant future and I also spent about 35 minutes looking for the hole in my firewall but couldn't find it... however I think I know of a good spot to put one if necessary, but I would rather just try and rout it through the one already there
  4. oh god no that's not how it's ran... I have a split on the power going to the head unit and it's been hooked up that way for about 3 months with no problems other than when the volume is up the amp causes ALL of the lights in or on the car to dim when the sub hits including the headlights
  5. I have a JL audio 400w but I already installed it myself... it's just that the power is comming from the head unit the only thing I am changing is that power will come from the battery and not the head unit
  6. so I have a 2001 jetta and I was wondering if anyone else has one that knows where the electrical cables cross the fire wall all help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance
  7. not to mention the battery is soldered in the phone so when it does decide to crap out you have to mail it back to have a "licensed tech" replace it... for a hefty fee
  8. I found this game about two weeks ago on www.addictinggames.com and my friend played it for about 4 days and got over 2k kills
  9. would it be possible that these bad caps could slow down a computer... because it seems that my computer has gotten a bit slower since I installed my x-Fi platinum about 18 months ago? I haven't really noticed any other problems except I get artifacts in FEAR and stuff but I think that's from my bad OC on my GPU
  10. yeah I did something similar a few weeks ago and it totaled my 2002 acura rsx and the insurance company paid me $800 more than I paid for it cuz I bought it 4 months prior to parking my car on it's roof
  11. yeah I have a friend buy a car for cheap and it turned out it had a cracked block so I agree with tirian and take it to a mechanic
  12. I agree, if they want it to be called marriage just let them get married who cares... if you don't like . marriage don't be in one
  13. dude this is some funny stuff... all he is doing is talking giberish what the heck is a dinglearm, lol **edit** they say it makes a "burping" sound and that it is caused by too much fuel in the fuel line... lol
  14. yes that is very interesting big red I would like to know as well
  15. the rsx s-type takes premium gas stock, but I came from an oldsmobile royal 88 year 89 and that got 20 mpg freeway on a good day and this car is rated at 31 freeway so I am still paying a little less in gas even with the premium
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