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  1. are you shure you are not having lag, and ram voltage, odnt up it too much, id raise the front side bus to 215 and raise the ram voltasge to 2.9. You than have slightly overclocked your ram. Thare is a o/cing guide in here bout o/cing ram, read it
  2. yeah, sounds like a nice upgrade
  3. buget brands will do, but be careful, primer only, get good paint
  4. IT IS A NICE MOD, but, i dont like the non realisticness, i want a real machine gun to take to lans
  5. his mindis ok, were not shure the condition atm, but all i know is he isint that aware of the time ect. Ill take pics
  6. i know about that, that people ripp people off, i can look at one of his books for pricing, now, who wants pics, so i can show you what aork
  7. ok, just 1 thing, how was condinsation a issue
  8. i guess i will, now, how do i get help, im only 14 and working on these, im gonna need help
  9. ok my grandpa got into a accident with his chevy astro aboiut a month ago he is now paralyzed from waist down He wanted 2 cars of his to be finished being restored before he dies, a 56 caddalliac, and a 1930 model a ford i dont know what to do, he singed the titles over to my mom if anything happened to him mentally (he has brain bleeds), and she said i have control over this, what should i do
  10. josh, up the cpu voltage and run a divider in the memory settings of 180
  11. yeah, dfi is good with rmas
  12. lol, cchalogamer, i know what your talking about i am waiting on a claim for fedex, and lets just say, the shipper inshured for 300, they say 100, fotball package, its a nightmare.
  13. in my opinion get a heatercore, they are better, cool better, and are cheaper, and you can customize them
  14. ahh, think of how long dells last and hjow long they run,
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