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  1. leigh

    Bf2 Plagued With Bugs

    i didnt see this in the tweak guide but disabling VoIP sorted my lag issues full stop, a bit annyoning eh? (even in single player with net cable unpluged so it isnt any sort of upstream rate problem)
  2. leigh

    Bf2 Pre-orders, When Will It Arrive

    i ordered mine off of play.com, i think it is due for release in europe for friday but i got it on thursday...lucky me now to sort the strange lag issues out
  3. leigh

    Apple Sure Has Lowered Their Prices.

    i have used a mac, no, several macs, quite a lot, and they really are style over substance imo They have gained the myth of being better for music and visual editing, and it seem somewhat unfounded insofar as music production goes...but this is all horribly off topic I have an
  4. leigh

    Help Please!

    don't forget to set the flux capacitor to 9.3!
  5. leigh

    Apple Sure Has Lowered Their Prices.

    vinyl in my case, but i do use mp3s to dj with using something calle serato scratch live, and with the standard lower bitrate mp3s the sound quality is a nightmare! so, as i was saying, the only reason i can see for spending that sort of money on headphones and to use them with an ipod would be to look cool. Oh wait, that's a perfectly valid reason for mac owners LOL
  6. leigh

    Apple Sure Has Lowered Their Prices.

    if you are going to be spending that much on headphones you dont want to be listening to mp3s!
  7. leigh

    Apple Sure Has Lowered Their Prices.

    LOL i think they are trying to bamboozle people into buying them. This is how your typical mac buyers thought process goes: "oh, they look cool, hm they sound complicated, $300 is a lot but if they look stylish then why not?" but seriosuly i think they are used by some high profile DJs like qbert, but he probably got them for free.
  8. leigh

    Splitting Audio Jacks?

    the same solution but with shorter cables wouldn't be inferior
  9. leigh

    Ocing My Laptop

    i know the type, i'm just the same with my music gear
  10. leigh

    Cat 5e + Gigabit?

    in my house we have a router going to a 7port gigabit switch which is then wired through 4 stories with a 2mb connection, it rox0z! now to buy more copies of rtw to play on lan lol
  11. leigh

    Splitting Audio Jacks?

    yeah, try www.maplin.co.uk or someone similar like walmart ion the US
  12. leigh

    Ocing My Laptop

    cheers, you confirmed what I was thinking, but hoping wouldn't be the case lol. It runs source pretty nice, none of the bells and whistles, but I am perfectly happy running a game at medium settings unlike many of you I assume I bought it for
  13. hey, I am sure maqny of you have addressed this question many times and are plain offended that I should post it, and for that I apologise! I recently bought a Dell laptop (what an idiot i hear you cry) with the following specs: Intel