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  1. Well... I wasn't gonna say anything... cuz I don't want to anyone to think I don't appreciate help... but seriously.... did you read the thread? I'm not new man... I've been doing this for a while... and I'm pretty good... I've had this rig over 3GHz stable... I don't need any help 'tweaking'... and weeks??? i've had these boards for years! the damn thing don't POST... not to mention your dead wrong wrong about most of what you said... TCCD works great in these boards and the 'expert' doesn't have a 'sister' board that works with TCCD... I can appreciate you trying to help.. but you should read the thread first. someone close this thread... I've already talked with DFI RMA... they agree the board is whack and will repair it.. thx everyone for their help
  2. I'd go with the Samsung UCCC based RAM... the 2 x 1GB sets will often to 260+ stable... sometimes upto 270+ stable... run it on a 5/6 divider and you can do easily 300+ x 9 for a 2.7GHz+ overclock. with these boards FORGET about tight timings... it means NOTHING... Angry Games proved that conclusively... just max out your bandwidth and forget the timings... I had my 2 x 512MB TCCD running at 334x9= 3.0GHz on a 9/10 divider... it was crazy bandwidth... I also had my 2 x 1GB UCCC running 334x9= 3.0GHz running on a 5/6 divider... timings were loose, bandwidth was awesome... my best recommendation would be going with Samsung UCCC based RAM, GSkill and OCZ and others have good offerings of those. go with either a 2x1GB or 4x1GB setup... 4 gigs may reduce you bandwidth some but for COD4 you'll probably get better overall performance. good luck
  3. Yeah... well I've tried 3 or 4 of those BIOS's... no luck.. all the same... My new ram arrived and now I've tried my: OCZ plat. 4800 elites TCCD OCZ Plat rev. 2 3200 TCC5 OCZ 4000 VX Winbond CH-5 UTT OCZ 4000 Gold XTC UCCC Geil Ultra-X 4400 TCCD Corsair 3500C2PT Winbond BH-5 All of them single channel fine... dual channel nuthin =( bummer... one is going RMA.. the other back to where I found it.. ebay... I'll just be honest and say that DC didn't work for me... but I don't want the damn board if It can only run single channel
  4. Nope.. I'm screwed... software CMOS clear... new BIOS.... again... still nada... did the pull BIOS chip clear... still nothing... damn~!
  5. OK.. Update with the expert... I just bought some Kick . Old Skool BH-5... Corsair 3500C2 xms3502v1.1... then, while waiting for it... I realized I have a set of Corsiar... and no joke... it turned out to be the EXACT same set... Corsair 3500C2 xms3502v1.1!!! so when the other set gets here I'll have 4 DIMMS of old skool BH-5.... anyways.. on to the point of this post... When I set up my Corsair BH-5 in Dual Channel it DOES POST.... it will POST after a CMOS clear... even go into memtest or windows at the most basic default settings.... so IT CAN run DC.... but any change I try to make in the BIOS and forget it.... NO POST... NO Nothing after that... it's either hold down the Insert key for defaults or clear the CMOS for defaults, or nothing... This sucks, but is still good news in a way... I know the board is atleast capable of DC... so It may be some weird BIOS issue... I will try Loggan's software CMOS clear (again) and a different bios to see it that helps... also.... my buddy Kitfit1 just asked me to try a unique kind of CMOS clear as well... hopefully something will happen.. I just don't think this is a RAM issue... but I scored some new BH-5 and some new TCCD that I'll try out just in case. I'll post the results. thx
  6. BTW... I haven't had time to do any testing... but I did slap the Ultra-D in the case and it's been up and running... quite well... for a few weeks now... Dual Channel, Stable, Overclocked, No Sata corruption... it's been doing so well that I'd just keep the Ultra-D as my main board, but I need more SATA connections! I guess I could just use a SATA card.. I have one... but I'm looking to get another set of RAM... just in case.... and if that doesn't work then I'll sell them on ebay as is... RGone seems to think that is it because the DFI NF4 boards don't officially support opteron chips.... lol.... well... maybe they are fickle with them... but I know that this same board worked well with my opteron for years.... and if you look in the old DFI s939 database you'll see that the Opteron was one of the most used CPU's for those entries... including mine (and kitfit1) oh well... I'll post later when I know something. thx to all for your help
  7. Yeah.. It's set to normal operation... actually, I need to bust out my trust Digital multimeter and double check voltages... though I doubt thats a problem...
  8. Hey Kitfit1... yeah.. no love... I tried posting over at DFI club... but I didn't get any help... RGone just basically said it's not their problem and I'm screwed. :angry2:
  9. I just had this exact problem... it's probably because of a short.... but if you're testing it out of the case (and if you're not, then try that) and it still has those problems, your board is shot... I had to RMA my board to DFI... I just got it back and it's fine now. good luck
  10. This was a serisously Odd problem guys... I had to end up buying 2 more DFI NF4 boards and 2 more s939 cpu's to figure out the problem... so though I had ID'd the problem I still have questions. OK, so my DFI NF4-SLi-DR / Opty 165 (ccbbe 0610 dpmw) blew out on me and I just got the board back from DFI RMA... but guess what NO Dual Channel... I can't even POST in DC.. I've tried everything... 1 stick of RAM.. no problem... but any configuration of DC RAM and forget it... I know, I know, I know.... the memory controller is on the chip.. it's a bad CPU right???? WRONG! turns out it's NOT the cpu... I'll try to give you guys the short version.. basically I had to end up buying the extra cpu's and motherboards to Diagnose the problem... so let me introduce the Hardware. Motherboards: 1. DFI Sli-DR 2. Expert 3. Ultra-D CPU's: 1. Opty 165 (ccbbe 0610 dpmw) 2. Opty 165 (CCBBE 0616 XPMW) 3. Opty 146 The Test: The rest of the equipment was idenitcal for testing purposes... all testing was done outside of the case on the motherboards cardboard box... with solid, known, working equipment. the RAM was the 2 x 1GB OCZ 4000 XTC... all periperials were disconnected to rule out as many things as possible. RESULTS: All 3 CPU's are able to do Dual Channel No problems whatsoever in my DFI NF4 Ultra-D. No problems at all... can clock well too.. no memtest errors... windows stable. All 3 CPU's are NOT even able to POST in DC in either the DFI NF4 SLi-DR or the DFI NF4 EXPERT!! strange as it may seems the inability to POST in DC RAM configuration appears to be due to some defect in the motherboard, while all three chips are just fine in a similar motherboard. What is more odd is that I somehow ended up with two motherboards that are damaged and unable to RUN in dual channel.... btw.. although not completely confirmed the same two boards that can't run DC also seem to have SATA corruption issues. not quite 100% on that... but that's how it appears. MY QUESTION: anyone ever hear of this? anyone else had a problem like this... AMD s939 has the memory controller on the chip... every thread I read about this concluded it was a bad CPU... but that's clearly not the case here... If anyone has input I'll give it a try... aside from that I suppose I have to talk to DFI about repairing my expert and my SLi-DR...
  11. I can vouge for this guy... he's legit... lol... good to see ya kitfit1
  12. Hello everyone, I guess this is where it's at now :thumbs-up: I've actually been a member here longer than at DFI / DIY-street.... but I was just much more active over there.... Always had love for OCC though... looks like I'm back here again!
  13. LOL... i agree with skiBar350... that like saying, "I got a ferrari and I can't get it past 50mph..." the OCZ Plat. rev 2 is good... but it's TCC5... I'd go with the Patriot 3200XBLK for the same price http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820220033 it's TCCD... both are great and will perfrom about the same... that's probably the best socket A board in existence... with good RAM you should easily be capable of 250
  14. Hi... just got my patriot 3200XBLK.... I've never Burned in TCCD before... I know it normally runs on low volts between 2.6-2.9, but it seems a little more stable with the higher volts... Is it safe to burn in TCCD with 3.2 or 3.1 volts... I wasn't planning on running it normally that high.. just for a burn in... but is OK to run TCCD at 3.2v.... or is it that it just usually doesn't benfit from anything above 2.9? TIA EDIT: NO!!!!!!!!!!! NOT a good idea... I killed my PDP 3200xblk.... DO NOT DO THIS!!! burn in is done at normal operating volts with TCCD.... 2.6-2.8... 2.9 MAX...
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