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    [email protected] vga.36gb raptors in raid0.1gb corsairpc4000 ram.audigy 2zs soundcard.400w psu.corsair watercooled.thermaltake shark full tower.dvd rom.dual layer burner.
  1. Hey chubby look at the sig. 170 opty @2.9ghz, if thats not o/c'd I'm not sure what is. Whatever is I was'nt sure if chips was rhe right terminology.
  2. I'm about to buy 2 gb of Muskin PC 4000 Ram with Samsung UCCC chips whatever. I need to know if this board and this ram are in fact compatible.
  3. I've got a 2zs sound card in my rig and have no prolems with them. Onboard is disabled in Bios (Karajan)/ and the drivers for the 2zs are the latest version from creatives website/ so you got me stuffed.
  4. Same same, I installed module but have never used it. Disable in Bios andd bobs your uncle.
  5. I also have 2 7800 gt's (XFX) mounted on an expert board. cards were bought separately and second card is1/2 inch longer than first. Airflow to chipset is not restricted but it is using warm air from the cards and my chipset temps are around 45>50 degrees. Accvording to Rgone these Temps are acceptable but I am currently waiting on Waterblock for the Chipset. Personally I think you should fit a fan to cool around cards/chipset directly or watercool the chipset.
  6. Ok so no one else has any idea either
  7. I've got 2 7800 gts in SLi and no problems yet with crashes in game. However it wont complete 3D mark 05. Crashes at the beginning of the third test and I get lost device message from memory its a directX issue. Had no problems with 1 card only since I fired up the SLI.
  8. OK I just read this thread most of it anyway. But I'm running my HDD's on connectors 5/6 & 7/8. I thought (prolly wrongly) that you had to use these to use the Silicon drivers. Am I right or wrong? I gather using 1/23/4 is faster. Is that right or wrong? If I switch them to 1/2/3/4 do I have to use the NV raid drivers. Soz but it's my first DFI board and I'm still figuring how to get the best out of it.
  9. In the Bios there are several "spread Spectrum" gizmos/ CPU/SATA/PCIE.What are these? What do they do? There disabled by default (I think). Is there any advantage to be gained in enabling them? Also in the "Advanced Chipset" there is an option you can enable "System Bios Cacheable"provided the cache controller is enabled. Oh yep and where in hell is that. The controller that is?I'm not finding it in the bios because "its not in the bios or is it in windows?" Thanks boys for the advice.
  10. I'm running 2x1gb OCZ in the orange slots no drama but when I had them in yellow no go. I've also got 4x 512mb sticks of Corsair twinx pc4000 pro and when I installed that likewise no go. Board it seems is pretty finicky when it comes to what Ram you use and in what slots. Might be something to do with 1T/2T/ and 1Gb/512 mb in what slot.
  11. digger


    OK fellas thanks for input. Prolly need license for it here in oz too. Had'nt considered that. Don't like the sound of high evap rates either as the stuffs very expensive.
  12. I'm using a Silverstone 650 watt and so far no complaints
  13. digger


    BUMP No one knows anything?????????
  14. why not go whole hog and get the Venus
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