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  1. Ok, well currently my system seems to have completely died. I had a AMD Athlon XP 3000+ on a gigabyte Mobo (don't have the model # on hand right now). Inputs on the Mobo like mouse and keyboard ports quit working, so had to switch to using the USB ports and then most of the USB ports died. Followed by the other day with my video card which was a Radion 9550. Had 2x1GB OCZ Gold Edition PC3200 RAM. So basically I'd like to just scrap all that and build something new. So basically I'd like to keep the CD/DVD drives, sound card, 500W power supply, case and that's pretty much it. like I mentioned before I really would like a (near to) top of the line computer that won't give me problems and will last for a good three years and remain fast and stable. I would like to keep my current WinXP Pro as the OS. I will mostly be running music production programs and several CAD programs. Haven't kept up to date with hardware as of late so I'd like to know recommendations between AMD vs Intel, Quad vs dual core, Mobo recommendations, Whether or not to get onboard video or an external card, memory recommendations, coolent recommendations (specifically fan/heatsink vs liquid cooling vs heatpipe cooling). Hard drive recommendations, and anything else someone out there might be able to give. If you could help it'd be much appreciated.
  2. Hi all,I am wanting to upgrade my system from the one I built about two years ago now. I've been out of the loop for the most part with what hardware is doing these days. I am looking for some input on the kind of recommendations (brands, speeds, sizes, etc.) you all out there would have for hardware. Specifically I want a system that is going to run fast and stable for at least two years. Want fast start ups, program load times, and keep it running that way for a long time. I will be loading it with some pretty cpu/memory stressful CAD programs (ProEngineer & SolidWorks) as well as a lot of audio production and editing programs. I am planning on keeping my current case, soundcard, DVD drives, videocard & powersupply, so I would like to know recommendations on specifically CPU, CPU Cooler, RAM, Motherboard & Hard Drive. Am also planning on running windows XP Pro. HD will be used for installation of OS and programs only as I have an external HD. Cost for components isn't that much of an issue right now. So what would you all recommend, and why?
  3. I have two hard drives hooked up to my computer, both are IDE hard drives and I use one for my operating system and the other for my programs and files. Many times when I start up my computer it doesn't get past the boot screen and gives me an error saying "Disk read error: press ctrl+alt+del to reboot" After rebooting and going through this process usually several times, it finally does boot up fine. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix this?
  4. OK... Yea, thing is I don't want to just chuck the 40GB drive into the trash so I'd like to have just the OS on that...and like p4blo said it'll make defragging easier The reason i got a bigger drive is because I have a lot of software programs and many of them are 1GB or greater installs and that 40GB is dang near full and I need to put some more rather large programs on I already use a portable external drive for all my files so that's no problem there... Thanks for the heads up on redirecting the Program Files folder...I wouldn't have thought to do that...however Google didn't turn up much for me...does anyone know of a link to a guide as to how to do this?
  5. OK I have a question...I currently have a 40GB (yea, thats small but I've had it for a while) internal drive that I have my OS (Win XP) and all my programs on, and I got a new 120GB internal drive that I was either gonna replace it with or add to the system. Can I reformat my 40GB one as my C drive and install just the OS back on it and then use the 120GB one for all my programs? If so, which drive do I set to master and which to slave?
  6. Figured out what was wrong...it was the cpu after all...thanks everyone.
  7. Are you saying did I physically move the motherboard around when I shorted the cmos jumper? No, it's bolted down to the case so it can't move. Also I was using a grounding strap on me (like anyone should ever use when screwing around inside a computer) so I don't think the MB could have been messed up by static elec. But like I described, I hadn't touched the insides of the computer before the thing started acting funky and wouldn't even boot. If it was the MB, how would have raising the core voltage to the cpu have messed it up? I would think that the only thing that would get messed up is the cpu itself...and why would it have suddenly not been able to bootup after I had saved changes to the cmos from within the bios like I described?
  8. Here are the major specs on my system: Giga-byte GA7N400SL MB 1 GB OCZ PC3200 RAM AMD Athlon XP 3000 (400 fsb) Radeon (something, dont recall model) video card Here's what happened: I tried overclocking it via the software that Giga-byte gives you with the MB that is supposed to allow one to OC from within Windows. I raised the clock speed 100 Mhz, saved settings and everything seemed to work fine. Then went back in to raise the core voltage (like I've been told to do when OCing). Raised it by .2 or .3 volts (don't recall exactly what) and saved changes and got the blue screen of death. Rebooted and it booted fine so I went into the bios to reset the cmos, clock speed and core voltage to defaults. Saved changes and rebooted. From then on NOTHING! No bootup, no beeps, nothing. I then tried to reset the cmos manually by shorting the jumper. That still didn't do anything. Also switched the fsb frequency control switch to force 100 mhz. That didn't do anything. So I figured it was a hardware problem. Switched out cpu, nothing. Switched out RAM, nothing. So I'm wondering, since there is no video output and no bootup beeps could it be that the video card is dead (haven't tried switching that out yet since I don't have a spare one)? From what I know of motherboards, bootup beeps are still supposed to happen if the MB or CPU or memory are bad to let you know what hardware exactly is bad. Is that true? So no video output on power on. Also no bootup beeps. Does anyone have any thoughts about what is wrong or what else I could try?
  9. Ok, I know there's that guide for disabling the system file checker in windows XP on OCC, found herebut it only covers for SP0 and SP1. I have SP2. Does anyone know what hex keys I would have to modify in sfc_os.dll in XP SP2 in order to get that trick to work?
  10. xboarder

    So Confused!

    I had a similar problem recently. Used all kinds of different Anti-virus and several Anti-spyware clients to remove a trojan that kept reinfecting my system. Although it could clean some of it all off, my PC would keep being reinfected when I went online. Everything in my browser completely hijacked and my computer could barely function because so many of the system resources and CPU power was being used by these programs. It had disabled the system restore so I couldn't go back to a previous version and unfortunately in the end I had to just do a reformat and reinstall of my OS. I don't know what will particularly help you out, but doing a system wide scan and saving the results in Giant and then sending them to the company helped me to get rid of some and their tech support was suprisingly good so you might want to try that. Spyware/viruses are getting gawdaweful intelligent these days and it doesn't seem like a lot of companies are getting on top of them as quickly. Hopefully you'll get it fixed though and won't have to do a reinstall. Good luck man!!!
  11. ok i have this crappy external HD casing that you stick a normal HD in and it runs as a USB drive basically. I want to get rid of the casing and find a case that is more reliable. If I take the HD out and put it into my computer for now, or a new casing later on for that matter, will my data all still be intact on there?
  12. Yup, you Bushies are the first one's i'm coming after if I get drafted!!!
  13. Yeah, it's called Reason 2.5...and it's like 100 times better or if you don't want to drop a bunch of money on that go bet Buzz...it's free, open source, and just as good as Reason, though a little trickier to use
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