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  1. nop i dont overclock....... why
  2. markiemrboo. looks like im in the same boat as you my Radeon 9800Pro Silencer , is over the SATA.. mabye ican use the bottom 2 whats RAID?
  3. yes its the Ultra edition with dual bios DOH should of said earlier
  4. is SATA those little red cable? if so i have 4 ports for it hehehe and my 2nd question is, does the hdd still use a molex connector like the IDE's?
  5. Well im looking at a new Hdd since my 80gb is almost full its an IDE Hitachi Hdd, now the question is i have $150 to spend i was looking and i saw Seagate/Western Digital 200GB $140/145 now my 80GB is a IDE and these new ones are something ive never have (Sata ? or was it Raid?) now ihave no idea what to do you see i just want a really big 200gb (or more) but shall i get SATA or IDE? is there a big difference? i have : Amd64 3500+, 1gb ram, 9800pro, so i think it'll be able to handle it and i want a silent /quiet one hehe www.gigabyte.co.jp/nippon/K8NS-939-10_b.jpg my mobo Gigabyte K8NS 939
  6. mine runs great ... lol AMD64 3500+ Radeon 9800Pro 128MB 1GB Ram
  7. my side case is open, and when ever my pc is off, i check the fans and get some dust off ATM the fan is blowing air INTO the case
  8. should the fan air ( whats coming strong/you can feel) should that be inside the case or blowing out of the case
  9. ill do the wire management abit later, but where can i hide those cables at
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