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    WD Green 1Tb 5400
    WD Blue 640Gb 7200
    Corsair 600T Case
  1. My question is can I add an 10ft extension cable with out loosing audio quality and If I were to do this this what way would be best? Option 1. Use my Rosewill RHB-320R 7 Ports USB 2.0 Hub with Power Adapter but this also will be powering my Razer Naga 2012 and my Belkin/Razer N52TE Nostromo http://http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182175 Option 2. Use a plain USB 2.0 extender Option 3. Use an USB 2.0 Repeater And if some one could tell me what the difference between an repeater and a powered hub is would be much appreciated. I am looking to order them today to have by Friday so i can get GW2
  2. For me when push comes to shove I would have to go with a PSU clean reliable power is the back bone of any system
  3. Update: Made some new changes finally got the leds set up the way I want them and made the new video card back plates. I couldn't get my buddy to help me out with the router so had to compromise on my own with acrylic and mesh. Also added some led rocker switches for the UV and the blue Leds. Led rockers Video card back plates Leds and dimmer on back side of the front door added a mesh cover for the hdd cage Video of the LEDS http://youtu.be/tNn_Xv_NW64
  4. the thought crossed my mind to get something like this but I don't use my keyboard for gaming Instead I use A 360 controller or Belkn n52te speed pad with A Razer Naga 2012 mmo mouse combo. Right now my desk is white with all my peripherals, monitor and printer black it was like this before I bought this case so It was a happy coincidence. I was thinking the same thing I moved it once from the side of the 5.25 bays to the side of the mobo tray but now you can see it from the window so I just took it out for now and it does look allot better. Hopefully by next week the rest of my stuff will get in and I will be closer to the finished product
  5. Got bored this morning and decided to mod my 360 controller to match my case. I painted the buttons ,analogs, Digital, top / bottom and the USB wire all black
  6. As an AMD owner I am most interested in that hotfix they were talking about any one have info on this?
  7. Up date: Made back plate for the video card but this is just a rough draft (prototype) I made it using acrylic sheet from home depot and some left over modders mesh when i get a router will redo. painted a cooler master 120mm fan all white and rapped in black modders mesh mounted on the HDD cage to help compensate for the heat on video cards. Painted the DVD drve Full view side off/on
  8. Hates working with thin acrylic

  9. Thanks guys, I am still planing out the LED's just want to make sure I got all the parts I need before I hit the buy button on Amazon. I was also toying with the idea of building A back plate for my 7770's since no one makes one because its a mid level card. Was thinking of getting some 3/32 plexiglass from home depot and cutting it to shape with some recessed vent cuts for the heat and 7770 recessed in to it but paint all the recessed bits black but this would require some routing skills i don't really have so might my buddy to help me out with that one.
  10. Made some changes took off the white tube covers because they looked to big near the pump so I tried something else. Not sure if I am going to keep this way or not still feeling it out as to what way I like better. Painted the CCT converter and wires Black and reseated the mesh on the back of the old hdd cage location behind the 200mm fan. Added a toggle switch to the front for the UV lights. Side off lights on Side on lights off/on Still trying to figure out how I am going to set up the Led's I was originally going to go with sound activated controller with 3.5mm line in but since I use Toslink for audio it would be a real pain to get it to work correctly with out killing the audio quality with all the splitters and digital to analog converter I would need to use. If I could use digital and analog at the same time this would be a non issue but Win 7 wont have any of that. I was thinking of maybe getting a water proof RGB led kit off amazon so I could have solid blue slow fade effect and mount them around the inside window, underneath the top mesh cover and in between the front filter and the 200mm fan but still not sure.
  11. Finished my first attempt at the PSU cover. I used Modders Mesh and dusted it black to make it look more uniform. I also covered the back area with some mesh were the HDD cage was to break up all the white in that area. Also added some UV lights painted the converter box black with all the wire that go to it so it stays hidden better and not sure if I just suck that bad at sleeving SATA cable or what but i couldn't get them on to save my life so I broke down and painted one and added heat shrink to see what it would look like. I am not sure about the light on the right might switch it out for an 8 inch and hide it better Trying to get a hold of a real camera so the pics won't be so distorted but my pone is all I have just now
  12. was looking at it and was thinking what if i used fine mesh painted black. It would be much harder to get the correct angles with the hdd cage being slightly taller than the psu but that way I could secure it with screws to the front of the hdd cage. I could also use some rubber C channel on the back of the mesh because it will be pretty close to the mobo and I am a little paranoid. That way you will be able to see some white accent from the sleeved PSU 4 pin square molex connections to the PSU.
  13. thanks I was toying with the idea of building a PSU cover that covers the one side and the top. I was thinking of going to an arts and crafts store and getting some plastic cutting and painting it black so you don't see XFX logo. That way all you would see is the black PSU cover with the White sleeved wires coming from it. I figure it shouldn't interfere with the PSU cooling since the air comes from the bottom and vent out the back.
  14. That is a great idea was looking to get rid of that logo just wasn't sure how to do it. I was looking at the radiator and noticed 3 holes on the side that look like mounting points was thinking of maybe getting something cut to fit it. I just finished installing the front 200mm fan and added a 120mm in the 3 free bays for better circulation, well at least that's the idea I will stress it and see if temps are better. I Also added the 24,8 and 6 pin PCI-E sleeves but the sleeving and heat shrink I ordered were the wrong size for the sata and the 6 pin that connects to the PSU for the molex connections
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