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    Athlon 64 Venice 3000+ @ 2.2
    Msi K8T Neo2
    1024Mb Crucial XMSc2 DDR 400
    Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb w/ Kingwin Heatpipe
    80Gig 7200 RPM 8mb Cache
    Thermaltake Tsunami Case w/ Sidewindow
    Demon 580w Powersupply w/ Red LED's

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  1. I Own A 9800 Pro 256mb And It Fits My Card, My Video Cards 100% Stable With It. Its Worth The $30
  2. Running A Stock AMD 3000+ Venice Core CPU Cooler, And Want To Run It At Max RPM 24/7 Any Idea's Software Wise?
  3. The First Time I Tried To Use The Top Connectors Audio Etc, I Clicked The Door Off And Snap, Fking Thing Broke. I Couldn't Believe It. I Was Thinking about Just Pulling It Out, I Really Dont Use Them Anyway, And Putting An 80 mm or 92 mm fan blowing exhaust outside of the case.. Not much modding Involved there, The holes already there, I might just have too pull out the Dremel!!!!!!
  4. I'm Debating Purchasing A New Hard Drive For My Computer.. I Want A Really Good Hard Drive For The Money, As Well As FAST Response Time's. Any Suggestions?
  5. The Case Is Built About As SOLID As You Can Get, And Light As Hell. BUT I Had One Problem, The Top Of The Case Houses The "Front" USB, Firewire, Mic & Headphone Jack, And The Cover Came Off And I Cant Get It To Stay On For Anything The 2 Plastic Pins That Go Around The "rod" Broke Off On Each Side. Be Forewarned It Breaks Easy, Anyone Have A Suggestion As To Fixing It?
  6. Was Curious What you guy's think I can get my 3000+ Amd 64 Venice Chip, Which Right Now With Stock Cooling Is Overclocked @ 2ghz with idle around 40c. I'm going to pick up a Xp-90c soon any ideas on what I can overclock it too? St3PcH1Ld
  7. Was wondering If my Sapphire Radeon Had Something I Could check temp thats built in? Here's link to the exact card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102511 St3PcH1Ld
  8. Was thinking the 90c Also, Was Told It Was One Of The Best If Not The Best On The Market Atm, Anyone know the cheapest place to buy it ? St3PcH1Ld
  9. I'm Ready To Upgrade My CPU Cooler For My AMD 3000+ Venice Core, I Want The Lowest Possible Temps! Socket 939
  10. St3PcH1Ld

    Mmorpg Decisions

    Hard Decision, I Currently Play Guildwars & Ultima Online (Old School!) I Wasn't Really That Impressed With WoW Gets Boaring Reaaaal Quick! Guildwars Is A Very Good MMORPG Good Graphics & Big Player Base. Ultima Online Is For Those Of Us Who Aren't All About Eye Candy, Still Has A Huge Playerbase & Has Been Out Almost 8 Years!
  11. I'd say on avg... Probobally about 225-275 Very tops
  12. I'll Agree With Nagash. Too Much Weed & Break Dancing..
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