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  1. Ok first off here is my system: 2.6 Ghz HT 768 MB RAM Audigy 2ZS Radeon 9800 pro (not for sure...you will see farther down the post) To start off the discussion, I have been thinking about upgrading for battlefield 2. I have heard that this thing is going to eat up a lot of RAM, so I thought I could get some for my birthday or something. I am a big graphics person and I love to have everything set to high. Unfortionately, I can't do this on CSS HL2, and mostly likely any other upcoming game. I mentioned on another forum that I was thinking about upgrading to a 6800 GT. Through out the thread, I also talked about power supplies. On this site here: http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ , it shows approx. what wattage power supply you need for a system. With my current setup it tells me my recommended is 347 watts. I have the standard PSU in a deminsion 8300. If I wanted to upgrade to a nvidia 6800 GT, the recommended for that is a total of 358 watts. Now here is the question, what is the standard wattage on this PSU? Through further discussion I found out something really strange about my 9800 pro. Here you can see the standard clock rates: http://graphics.tomshardware.com/graphic/2..._charts-02.html . Now for some reason my defualt clock rate on my 9800 pro is at 324/290. On that chart it show I should have 380/680. Now what is with that?! When I do overclock my graphics card, I dont get anywhere near that amount! I get around 400/290. As you can see here, this is what I am looking at: http://img198.echo.cx/my.php?image=why9vi.jpg Now a question about a power supply: Correct me if I am wrong A better PSU wont make a performance increase correct? The only reason to Upgrade your PSU is becuase your hardware needs to draw more power. The hard-ware WILL draw all the power it needs, its just if you have a less powerful PSU, it could burn it out. Other than that, you will get the same performace if you had a very powerful one. Only the powerful one would not burn out. I have heard from many people that it increases performance. Is this true? Thanks for your help!
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