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  1. www.engadget.com www.digg.com www.switched.com All great sites for random bits of information and news.
  2. Just got back from a walk and started thinking. Install wireshark on an XP box and plug it into the switch. Wireshark doesn't really care if its on the server or not you can sort the results (ports, destinations, IP's so on) after running it for 5-10 mins. Does this failure have a pattern at all? Times/days it happens. Do you have a virus scanning box before any mail reaches or goes out of the SMTP server to get scanned?
  3. Could you possibly PM me or post your currently active listening TCP ports on the SMTP server? I know in your original post you kind of laid out your network but I saw boxe(s) so I have to ask are you using any type of load balancer?
  4. You could try Wireshark. Throw it on the SMTP server and watch the traffic going out search for any fishy things like higher ports and outgoing traffic. Random question I have seen something like this before are you doing mass mails through this particular SMTP server. Most ISP's will blacklist you after so many SMTP forwards and will start to limit your connections. Had this happen to a friend where they blacklisted and downgraded his fiber line performance. You don't have a relay set up on this SMTP server do you? Are you using Exchange 2003/2007 on Server 2003/2008?
  5. It's stuck in my head just thinking about it... I'm going to be singing it all day at work. Time to torture the others in the office mauahhaha.
  6. McDonalds Filet o' Fish god I hate that commercial with a passion.
  7. Yeah all the links on the front page are blue for me too.
  8. Welcome to OCC man. See you around.
  9. Found an article on notebook review it looks like Dell made this laptop with one giant access panel on the bottom. You should just have to remove all the screws for the panel and the memory should be in the middle. Picture of open notebook: http://www.notebookreview.com/picture.asp?f=34508 Review: http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4471
  10. How do you like that laptop so far? Thinking about picking one up for myself this week some time just don't know about that screen resolution for a 17" laptop.
  11. Xfire: pyromaniac16 Steam: pyro_maniac In game I usually go by JuiceBox or something of the sorts. Look forward to playing some games with you guys.
  12. Having multiple Ethernet ports is a way to make a cheap server for a small business environment where you either have multiple vlans, a firewall IE. ISA or pfsense (one for an outside connection one for inside), VMWare (if your like me and run on average 6 VM's on a box you tend to acquire a lot of different network paths and addresses), and or sharing connections the poor mans way to LAN party .
  13. I want that part of my life back... how do you find these things....
  14. I had a Dell 2950 with the same issues but with SAS drives. Turned out to be a bad drive in the array, bought a new one re-built the array and we were good to go. I have also had a Dell 2850 server with the same issue turned out to be a combination of BIOS update, chipset drivers, and the SCSI backplane update for the server. If you don't mind me asking is this a custom built server, or a pre-built type IE. Dell, HP or something?
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