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  1. im actually intrigued to see how this will turn out...google is into everything but if they get into too much its gonna be bad!
  2. eh i hate trying new drivers...my guideline is, if it isnt broken, dont fix it!
  3. haha i love doing computer cleanups, never know what u will find
  4. good stuff! this should help a bunch of ppl out
  5. any1 else have opinions on kubuntu netbook edition?
  6. i think it looks pretty good, agree on the opinions
  7. yeah try turning it down and see what happens
  8. SiL3nTKiLL


    yeah build one, dont buy lol, or ull get some cheap crap
  9. which linux distros do u guys use for ur netbook? im looking for something that will give me the longest battery life. im looking at either kubuntu and eebuntu, any1 tried these?
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