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  1. In the dell it won't recognize the both of them together, and with only the one, it gives the same BSoD on boot up as it did on his machine. Ya I thought it was really odd to have a dell that doesn't recognize two disks, but I can't find the settings. I'll try later when I'm a bit more awake. I still dont' think its the drive, because my comp. Won't recognize the drive that I KNOW works just fine. It just isn't recognizing any IDE hard drives. Though my Dvd drive which is IDE apears to be working just fine. zzzzZZZzzzz... I need to go back to bed. I think the dell is the best option to get it so I'm going to go try that. Erdian
  2. Yet another time I am stumped. My Mobo doesn't seem to be recognizing An Ide hard-drive. My friend cant boot his disk and needs some files off of it, (the data should still be reachable, only the boot section got screwed up afaik.) I'm trying to set that drive up as a slave and pull the data off of it. The only problem is, every time I plug it in, when my computor checks for IDE hardrives, it reboots. I know some motherboards dont' like sata and IDE at the same time, so I pulled a IDE hard drive out of a different computor. (that computer is a dell, and the mobo on that doesn't seem to have support for multiple hard drives.... @$%!^& Ahem...) it doesn't recognize that either. I told him I would try to have an answer by tomorow, but it looks like that might not be quite possible. Erdian
  3. Its the keyboard. I was poking around on the reviews in newegg, and apparently it doesn't like that specific combo. I guess I'll return it. errggh.... Its a logitech black keyboard from newegg.
  4. Error Beep, and it does it in windows and in games, (oblivion, bf2 and wow are the only ones I've checked so far). Sticky keys is off. I'm just lost. Erdian
  5. This is driving me nuts... I just built my own pc. and I'm loving it, but every time I press Shift W and D at the same time, it gives me a keyboar error.... I havn't found any other key combo that does this. Seeing as how this is a gaming pc... Erdian
  6. Alright, I guess dual processors arn't really a good Idea. I guess I'll start from scratch then. thankyou for all of your suggestions, any more would be greatly apreciated. IE, the more I try to do this, the more I find I'm in completely over my head. I can tell this is going to take a while. erdian
  7. It supposed to be a mid/upper range gaming computor. As I stated, I don't have much more than a good working knowledge of computors. I'm completely self educated in computors. I don't personally know anyone who knows more than myself, so, I'm kindof up a creek when it comes to learning more. erdian
  8. Wow, that was fast, thanks, I'll look into that any chance some one could suggest a video card? I'm getting a tad overbudget by now, so not TOO expensive, Aka under $200? 128mB. I could probably find one myself but just incase you have any suggestions. erdian
  9. I'm trying to build my own computor, I don't need a lot of the junk that comes with prebuilt computors. I already have Microsoft office, photoshop, XP pro, and pretty much any other software I might need. SO, I was looking around, getting a general Idea of what I wanted. I noticed that processors, are too expensive at 3 gigahertz. SO I naturally started wondering, why don't I do dual proccessors? It might end up as more expensive in the long run, but If I'm going to pay the money, I might as well. The problem is, I can't seem to find a motherboard that supports dual processors. Can anyone give me a suggestion? Heres what I'm trying to put in my 'puter (sofar if you suggest changing anything, I'd be happy to listen, I'm KINDOF new to this process) 4x corsair 512m dual channel ram Cool case 300gb 7200rpm 8m cash hard drive This very nice really fast dvd/cd drive Two 2.0Ghz-2.5ghz Amd Processors a cheap 17in flat screen a midline sound card 128m graphics card (havn't decided on this yet) I already have nice speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. Also, I'm trying to keep this computor (hopefully) under $1500, preferably closer to 1000. I want this computor to be HIGHLY upgradable. I plan on getting a good motherboard, good case, and keeping the darn thing just below the top of the line. Thanks a lot. erdian7926 PS. with everything right now, I'm at about $700
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