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  1. I do accede that I missed that post - but it does have a relatively roomy back. It is quite a large car if you ever see one in person. After all, it is on the same platform as a Charger/Magnum.
  2. Everyone seems to sell straight out of there pocket with their fingers in their ears ... guess it's because we only go through one at a minimum of 5+ years. Anywho, I'll drop in my conceded 2 cents. I like the Challenger, which I see you've looked at as far as styling. I've never taken a liking to the Audi/BMW/Lexus/Acura genre - they send out the wrong message if you know what I mean... They really blend in with everyone else with that gray conservative styling.... Argh! If I drive in, I'll just be another guy and/or snobby douche (). I guess it's a plus if you don't want to attract attention... but from what I'm gathering styling does matter quite a bit (Course appearance is everything in my book ). Oh, and if you drive a Merc... people will hate. If you drive a Cadillac (other than a CTS) you're an old lady and/or bling boy. I know it's crude and judgmental... but in your profession I think it matters a good deal But yes, the Challenger is radical and WILL get you noticed. I love the looks of the thing and the R/T version is right there in that range. The SRT is also there if you get the extra cash... but I don't think it's worth it's worth it. It's big... it's loud... charismatic.... it's cool... and it gets fairly decent mileage 16/25. Why did you say it wasn't practical?
  3. Battleships are much cooler than carriers... Carriers are just floating tables.
  4. Movie looks good... but I really hope JJ's not going to pull a Michael Bay... the more I look at the trailers the more I go "Yeehah" and "oh no!" at the same time.
  5. That ecotech SC is truly a wonderful engine... not so sure about the saturn body around it though
  6. I was going to say; I've seen a plant down in SC.
  7. I'd marry you if I had the chance :thumbs-up:
  8. Let's try this again later... <_<
  9. I don't see anything besides a Magna... :thumbs-up:
  10. What ujkent said. This topic has gone nowhere anyways.
  11. Two words... Billy Maze.
  12. Acer p243w was excellent for its price. There are some cheaper ones but they're all 16:9 and you lose a bit of vertical space. My only complaint was one small dead pixel that only shows up on a black screen.
  13. They have. The 2009 version has been completely revamped due to the performance complaints and what not. It even comes with a little memory/cpu gauge. Be sure though that the 360 package says version 3.0... version 2 is the well bloated 2008 thing. Though I'd stick with AVG free... since it's free and pretty good.
  14. Problem: Internet has tunnel vision. It can download at max speed but it takes a minute or longer to open up a single web page. I can play games and download large files just fine. But browsing the web with 1-5 minute intervals was just INSANE! The problem was ONLY on this computer on the network! So... I try different browsers, reformat (argh!), different switch/ports and replaced a dieing hard drive. Nothing worked. Then I look at my UPS and see that my ethernet line is run through... So I unplug the feed and plug it straight to my computer... problem solved. $&$^%#*%^#%(%(*#& APC <_< I'm astounded at this, had the thing for a long while and I didn't think there was anything to go wrong with them.
  15. Electroplating is the name of it... but it's pretty finicky than just simply painting it. I do the reverse quite a bit to take rust off parts to coat a throw away electrode. But you'll need an electrolyte. Sodium carbonate seems to be the most popular for cheap home use (AKA PH up). Table salt tends to be hazardous with many materials due to it's chlorine content (iron electrodes in salt solutions make some sort of chlorine gas... bad). A power supply is also necessary and the voltage seems to vary. 12 seems to be the lowest but a higher voltage beats resistance and coats the object quicker... The cathode will be the object and the anode is your supply. The anode submerged will be the substance that will coat the object... be careful, soft metals disappear quite fast. But that's the gist of it. I'm not sure how gold (or fake metals) reacts in this situation... some research is required.
  16. Homeworld 2 Homeworld: Cataclysm Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth Homeworld Empire Earth II
  17. Mine averages around ~90 C at load. Seems to be about normal there. High end video cards get hot - which isn't necessarily bad.
  18. I don't know what to say other than to see what comes in
  19. Transporter 1 was a bit boring in plot and the second was over the top. We'll see about the third here in a bit.
  20. I wish I could find a decent magna... wonderful bikes with an excellent performance and a unique v4 sound :thumbs-up:
  21. Bowling + Mini golf = groups = silence = bad Walk = good
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