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  1. The length of the knife is inversely proportional to the height and/or build of the carrier.
  2. Dead I want to see the engine of your car.
  3. Alright, it was an interesting night to say the least. I had the first showing and the crowd were indeed Trekies (me included) Their was a hot girl in an awesome dress uniform from TOS As for the movie - awesome. As lo pointed out, it's not really your typical hardcore star trek film. Don't get me wrong, it's still sci fi but it has much more of an action/drama twist to it. It was MUCH funnier than I ever thought a Trek film or episode would ever be ... and it still carries over from TOS with the old catch phrases (gotta admit, I missed quite a few... only got them by the laughing crowd) and the classic TOS character stigmas.... Oh - The red shirt never comes back It is a rebirth... so their are some small differences tech wise (Trekie anyone?). The visuals were stunning... beyond stunning. And the plot was an awesome ride. My only real complaint was that the baddies were pretty... one dimensional. But still an awesome movie. Questions (spoiler)
  4. Let's try and avoid the use of caps lock. Thanks
  5. I read them at the barbershop... dentist... hospital... that's it though.
  6. I don't know about anyone else... but I've seen VERY few VWs... there seems to be a wide hole ranging from the late 80s to about 2002 where VW seems to have sold no cars. I've seen plenty of old VW buses/beetles/rabbits/yugos... and plenty of new jettas... but anything defined as 'used'? I'd check around craigslist... often. Some of those cars go ridiculously fast. I scored a 96 Camry with 70k... (mint condition!) for 3600... but it gets junk mileage and it's small... really small.
  7. A water pump for a 3800, belt, coolant, hoses and a used alternator off a junked Buick Riviera... Only to fix a Firebird with knackered internals (pings like no other) <_<
  8. Routers, at least the ones I've encountered, have a nasty habit of dieing for no apparent reason.... Way too much... The wrt54g I have now randomly drops connections and wanders back on after 2-3 min. The first thing I'd try is resetting the thing though.
  9. ZOMG! I thought I was the only one who played!? I'm real off and few hours a week for the hell of it... fly a Harpy AF... you guys? So me... <5rs of HL2:DM & Eve... a week.
  10. New unofficial lap time I found interesting. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/04/24/nissan-...angerously-clo/
  11. Yep, it'll look a bit funky if it's not the same aspect ratio (fat people: things are a bit stretched side to side if you run a 4:3 res). But almost all resolutions below 1920x1200 can run on it... just stretched and less clear.
  12. Yeah, most of the software I've run (orthos, windows) never really detect multiplier changes.
  13. Just one of the days I wish my CompE schooling would come sooner.
  14. Is there any reason too? I hated having multiple partitions. Every time I installed something it'd install into the default OS partition... everything defaults to that C drive. It's a huge pain to keep switching everything to another partition. The only reason to have multiple partitions in my book would be through multiple OSs.
  15. Yeah, it's probably easier to copy your pertinent info off your docs and mail/bookmarks in application data (I forget where Application Data got moved to in Vista) to a flash or another networked computer.
  16. I despise my 680i... three RMAs to get one working right. After which I find out that it can't OC quads worth anything.
  17. Hypothetically, 30lbs (which is a lot) of downward force would split across 775 pins... so: 30/775=.04lbs or 18 grams per pin. So, if it were in correctly (with latch secured) I doubt it.
  18. I've messed around with x64 off MSDN... It's not worth it. I mean it works (with some surprising driver support)... but half the programs I've loaded were not compatible... And I detected no real performance advantage to be perfectly honest. For example, the GUI in that O/S is pretty much non-accessible at that time (stripped server OS is native 64 bit and simply will not work 32 bit explorer mods). Don't know if that's a big deal for you but it bugged the hell out of me staring at the windows 95 grey theme.
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