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  1. Some sort of late 40s Hudson?
  2. I want to see a tower of computer hardware at least 12" tall - stack of video cards, motherboards etc.
  3. So is that like a licensed reproduction model or what? And I just bought plane tickets to Minnesota.
  4. Interesting spot for beer lol I want to see an armpit.
  5. I want to see an alcoholic beverage.
  6. Oh no you're right in a way. For example, I know guys who lubricate motorcycle chains with WD-40... and wonder why they have catastrophic failure 1000 miles later. People CLEAN motorcycle chains with WD-40 lol But if you've got a little squeaky hinge on a cabinet... lube away.
  7. It's an extremely light lubricant... it has better uses as a solvent or water displacer.
  8. I'm extremely interested to see how anyone is going to blend/duplicate that brushed black lol
  9. Good job! Cutting plexi is a pain in the butt.... with a dremel the blade sticks or breaks off completely.
  10. I'm confused as to what the actual question is. The poll asks if MS would combine 32 and 64 bit into a single package. However, your post's asking why car companies don't make the perfect car for everyone (in the sense that everyone's wants were the same).
  11. The place had its moments... weekdays with no one coming in working on computers... oh man that was great. It was even better with two people lol Otherwise everyone walked in fuming because of their ridiculous problems (don't blame them) and take their frustration on you... giving you a hard time while the sales guys dealt with the happy customers. Hated that. Went into sales expecting something better... only to deal with ridiculous CC policies. IE: A couple tags not changed over Saturday night... come in Sunday and yell at everyone for false advertisement. Anywho, I got promoted to supervisor (black shirt!) since everyone else got fired, left, or arrested. The guy on the right was firedog... they were the first to go sadly. On topic: Here I am... not the most flattering picture but it works.
  12. Not residential? Sweet! You get too mess with the monster fork lifts lol I'd actually love to work at lowes... They're at least organized in comparison to Home Depot and many other stores cough cough circuit city cough. I'm sitting on my butt right now.
  13. Our store just didn't care lol. Did you go in off the clock?
  14. Depends on the state from what I've heard. In AZ there were high schoolers working at geek squad (course we had a Cisco class system there). I know NC won't do it because of liability and the privacy policy mumbo jumbo. That combined with some law saying that an adult cannot sign a contract given by a minor. I know as I applied to Firedog (Circuit City pc tech) and they spent a month trying to figure out if I could work or not. Ended up as a computer salesman. Like others said, work at other jobs and build a resume. The only reason circuit city even looked at me (at my young age compared to the 25-40 year olds already there) was that I spent a couple years working at a minimum wage golf course with a recommendation and some computer review/volunteer work here at OCC.
  15. Please do not post topic titles in caps lock. What does this weird screen look like?
  16. romeo55


    Seems like a software/driver problem (usually the case with stop errors), but I have gotten stop errors while running an unstable OC. Have you tried running it stock?
  17. I'd highly recommend auto paint (auto zone, Napa etc.)... extremely easy to find and they're extremely resilient. Here's a project I threw together (didn't spend that much time on it at all) a couple years ago. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...mp;#entry730492
  18. Please forgive my inept tact Shirley Manson or Mrs. Weaver.
  19. $*(@&$ <_< I watched the series from birth (HD!!!!) until death... stinks since they've opened a billion questions on the finale <_< Who's side is the Irish lady on anyways???
  20. Don't have anything resembling a jewel... and it's dead. I want to see "ILoveOCC" written across your knuckles with your hands in a fist together(no spaces - AKA 8 characters, 8 knuckles).
  21. It's up to Andrew - his post and his game
  22. I had to take a couple... a bit hard trying to look in. If that's alright - I want to see a key within a lock.
  23. Let's try and avoid the use of caps lock in thread titles and posts. Many people, me included, will just pass those posts on by.
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