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    AA & AF Troubles

    No AA does bug me. But that's extremely odd that overriding app settings within the CCP doesn't work.... Always worked for me (especially since a lot of games dumb down settings) Don't know what to tell you there.
  2. External lighting perhaps The easiest/cheapest way to go (if you know or are willing to solder) is to get a 12v DC adapter (plug in - you're bound to have one somewhere) and splice a cathode tube and transformer straight to it. Voila - no hard to find or expensive parts needed.
  3. Yeah I never registered it at evga. So, the liftetime warranty became one year from date of purchase - which would've expired Dec of 07. That and the lame serial number sticker fell off awhile back. But yeah, I've rma'd my 680i twice with them without a hitch pretty quickly. Oh well... EDIT: Also confirmed it dead - another machine won't POST with it.
  4. Just surfing the web and my main monitor goes black (still getting signal apparently). My secondary (which is connected to a cheap 8400) works just fine. Tried changing ports and nothing. The monitor is fine as it works on another computer and on that video card. Shut down the computer, connect the other monitor to the 8800 and nothing. Turn the computer on with the main monitor hooked to the 8400 and voila... works until I jump into windows. The key thing here is that this should not happen as the main monitor (or any monitor for that matter) must be run off the main PCI-E slot (the 8800) otherwise it'll throw up a POST error... but here I am with this first screen. Uninstalled the drivers to see if it were a software issue and reboot... whaddya you know... it throws that the primary monitor/gpu is hooked up to a secondary PCI-E slot. So I switch them around and reinstall the drivers... 8400 works fine - the 8800 (I'm assuming) shows up as an uninstalled 3d device that cannot be installed manually (2nd screen). What the heck? I'm at a loss now... is the 8800 dead or what? I wish I had another PCI-E system to test this on... Any suggestions?
  5. romeo55

    District 9

    http://www.district9movie.com/ Looks promising - sort of a reversal of roles in terms of typical human defending the planet type movies.
  6. Lol, I've never had anyone clap at movies other than the first showing of Star Trek (but they're hardcore fans) and a moment in the final Lord of the Rings where Gandalf knocks out the crazy Steward... Must be Florida... been their once and it was crazy! I'm going to try and see this at Imax... hopefully it's still showing.
  7. That one's a 1983 Honda CM450E - which is already quicker than most cars.... Course if I grab the rebuilt/modded 1989 HD Softail springer with a brand new mystery motor... EDIT: Holy crap! I'm in Minnesota for another 4 weeks with these bikes! Where are you at gabriel? I'm a little ways outside of Marshall (west of the twin cities).
  8. New picture as my other picture was dorky.
  9. I absolutely adore the Japanese 70s and early 80s bikes... lovely machines. Shaft drive (although could be hell if it's knackered), awesome alloys, dual front disks... man! How many miles?
  10. My friend was going to get his timing belt changed on his Eagle Talon Turbo within a week.... and it snapped lol He wasn't kidding about watching that belt (he was telling me before hand how he was a little nervous)... gotta love interference motors.
  11. Quite possibly the worst thing to get caught driving in.
  12. Nop[e it has the namwe of the big three thoguh
  13. Yeah I've "painted" with windows as well
  14. Nope. Not a Vauxhall or Opel. :thumbs-up: The manufacturer is part of the big three BUT this only sold in Europe... and somewhat sold in Australia.
  15. Nope... but it is European... with an American twist
  16. ^Must be a polar bear to ride in MN
  17. Boom! King may get this one
  18. So do you just have the block and head? Just planning on picking up the engine electrics second hand?
  19. LieroX No mouse needed. Although, it tends to work amazingly well networking with your buddies in class... And as hardnrg already pointed out... any game 2002ish and back will work well.
  20. Yeah it isn't dead. Too bad I'm doped up from surgery.... else I'd go out and find a sign lol
  21. Can I get the model numbers on the Seagate 500GB and the two WD 250s?
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