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  1. Norton has always been a resource hog in the past... but Norton has received so much criticism for that that they've completely revamped the 2009 version (and the 360, version 3.0) ... it is much more stream lined and much less bloated.... even comes with a performance monitor. I'd take it over AVG.... but AVG is free. You may want to check out Avast, which is better than AVG IMO... AVG got a little too bloated for me after v8.0.
  2. I adored the N64 and other cartridge systems as you didn't have to watch paint dry for the thing to load *cough cough PS1 cough*
  3. Top Gear has been trying to hard to be silly lately
  4. Bah! I was all excited when I saw this thread - "YESS! They finally released it!"
  5. Yeah I ran Raid 5 for awhile on my 680i and it was noticeably slower... and while I have had drives die on me I always back up my stuff anyways. So I said the heck with it and made a RAID-0 instead.
  6. Dang I should try this with my dead 8800.
  7. Most expensive movie ever? Looks interesting to say the least.
  8. I had that exact same model come in one day at Circuit City (replacing the 2400 model) and was put up as a display... About a month later the thing died.
  9. Now that I'm in college and get unlimited electricities... 24/7. I only restart about once a week due to crappy uni software.
  10. Just gotta keep an eye on that timing belt
  11. They stack laptops at my Uni for rentals.
  12. Long time no see Lobbdogg! When I first saw this I thought it may be heat related... but that shouldn't make it quit all together like that - at least artifact or something. And you mentioned that it happens immediately. I had an x1900 that did that - resinked it and set up a fan profile on ati-tool to override the stock non-blowing one and took care of that. @Krazy: Yours didn't let out a piezo squeal? Mine blew my ears off lol But yeah I'm at a loss at this point.
  13. Computer engineers don't get it at mine... what the heck lol
  14. Not directly per se. I'm running a 1920x1200 with a 1024x768. You can't run a video or graphic application directly across both (unless you have super commander or whatever that game was). You can't have a game running on one and a video running on the other very well or two games running on both monitors otherwise you get severely choppy performance (Back in the day I had two instances of Eve online running). You CAN remedy this like I did with another video card and stick the other monitor on it - which came in handy now that I do some CAD work. But in the short sense no... you can run multiple videos on both sets of monitors fine... you can game on on fine w/o any visible performance hit.
  15. Skullcandy earbuds at Cycle Gear stores are wonderful things... they're pretty much ear plugs with speakers in them. Work well under a FF helmet. Only complaint is that they come with 3 ear peices - depending on your ear size... and my ears are kinda small for the smallest fitting - so it does get kinda sore after a few hours. And muddy - they had them for like $10 on McPherson Church.
  16. Well if youre just looking to get files off of it... then knoppix will let you boot up and see the drive - after which you can just hook up a flash drive and pull the files right off. If not, you could try a dirty install... installing XP right over the old installation w/o formatting.
  17. romeo55

    folding on ps3

    Yeah apparently the new thing is the nvidia client... a $110 9800GT can put out 5500+ ppd... and the best price/performance ratio is coming out of the 9600GT which makes about 4200. And I like it... doesn't slow/eat system resources like CPU clients.
  18. I've done the ten pin header trick (white connector) - albeit not that nicely. All I did was simply stick the AC 97 connectors individually into the corresponding connector on the card... and glued everything together so they wouldn't fall apart. They're different sizes so they won't fit perfect. So is your AC 97 all one connector or are they separated into each individual wire? If it isn't... then yeah you will need to strip and run/solder some wires in.
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